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posted on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 by Matt Holland

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Meridian launched the Design and Specification service to give our dealers and distributors more confidence when specifying Meridian. We all know that our performance levels across the range are best in class and we wanted to make it easy for our dealers to design and specify complete systems.

The Design and Specification service was created to offer reliable, repeatable, high performance systems not just in the theatre room but also around the home. With Sooloos coming in at a much more affordable £500 per zone, it is a great opportunity for our dealers to make money in an area that has been dominated by Sonos. The service makes it easy to integrate both analogue and digital sources into our unique DSP loudspeakers, all over the home.

The service shows not only room layout and speaker positions (for two channel and theatre systems) but also wiring diagrams. This is incredibly useful as the dealers can see how easy it is for us to interface with existing audio and video distribution matrices. It also gives our dealers confidence that they will get a high level of performance in all areas of the home.

Even if the dealers already prepare their own drawings, we can save them engineering time, allowing them to focus on the lighting, HVAC, CCTV and control systems. The service will also give them confidence when pitching the proposal to their client that the proposal has been created by the manufacturer. The proposals are also co-branded with the dealer logo alongside our own logo, showing synergy between us.

All our dealers need to do is simply provide us with a plan of the room or house (failing that, we can work from dimensions), then email it to Once we receive the proposal, we will typically aim to turn it around in 48 hours. Meridian will provide drawings of the suggested system layout (theatre room, listening room, distributed audio etc) along with a wiring diagram. If the dealer has a preferred projector or screen they would like to use, we can also include them in the proposal too.

D&SS - Crestron + Sooloos + Distributor 3 Example SchematicD&SS Medium Cinema Layout Example

The design specification service can be applied to offer support on home theatres, basic room acoustics, high performance two channel systems as well as distributed audio around the home. Meridian also have a great deal of experience on the video projection side too (our Reference 810 is still the highest resolution home projection system at 10 mega pixels) so we can give guidance in these areas too.

Why has Meridian decided to go the extra mile with this service at no charge? We know that confident dealers sell more and by being a provider of information, knowledge and experience, we will help to instil that confidence very quickly. It also means we won’t see under-specified systems with poor performance. This damages our reputation for audio excellence and leaves the client disappointed. By creating the proposals, we know that we can deliver a repeatable, reliable solution every time. Meridian doesn’t currently charge as we want to help the dealers business (and by default ours too!) grow and see Meridian specified on more and more high quality installations.

For more on Meridian’s product portfolio and services, visit our partner page here.

Matt Holland

Business Relationship Manager for Meridian Audio

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