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posted on Friday, 27th April 2018 by David Slater

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For many years if you wanted to add an extra audio zone to your Control4 system you had to purchase the outdated Speaker Point that was still running 2.53 software. This is no longer the case as Triad has introduced the Triad One Single-Zone High-Resolution streaming amplifier. Available in two colour options, white and black, it’s an amazing step-up in performance.

The Triad One supports high-resolution audio playback, up to 24-bit 192 kHz, with a built-in amplifier boasting an impressive 105dB signal-to-noise ratio and 60 watts per channel. There’s even a built-in 10-band parametric EQ to fine tune the sound output and offer a level of room optimization.

Triad One Single-Zone High-Resolution amplifier: Build quality and installation
The construction of the Triad One is first class. It comes with a neat cover plate to hide the cables when they’re all connected. At the rear of the amp, there’s a range of connectivity. There are both optical and coaxial digital audio inputs, as input one, and analogue as input two. Audio out consists of stereo analogue with a subwoofer out. Beneath the Ethernet port is a USB input, for plugging in any storage device that holds your music. To the far right are four loudspeaker terminals. There’s also two IR out ports.

I found the Triad one really easy to set up on my Control4 review system. It literally takes just a few minutes. When you connect it to the network, its ID is discovered on Composer Pro software. Next simply choose the room you want it in and set up the connections. Helpfully, the Triad One also offers support for ShairBridge, Control4's software-based implementation of AirPlay, so you’ll be able to stream iTunes music to the amp; just drop the ShairBridge into the room’s project then you are ready to stream.

Triad One Rear Crop

Triad One Single-Zone High-Resolution amplifier: Performance
The sound quality of the Triad One is amazing for the form factor, and far exceeds the performance of the Control4 speaker switch. You can set it to connect to the network wirelessly, but as with any Control4 controller, it requires first connecting via ethernet and performing a bit of reconfiguration within the System Manager.

Not only can the Triad One be used as a remote amp, it’s also a perfect alternative to an AV receiver in those locations where surround sound isn’t necessary, but you want a 2:1 listening experience. The sub can be set up with six different crossover settings, between 80 and 140Hz, so you can pair it with a wide variety of speakers. If you set the amp up to handle TV sound, you’ll also benefit from an IR output, that will control the TV

Triad One Single-Zone High-Resolution amplifier: Verdict
To round up, the Triad One combines ease of set up with great clarity and massive punch from its 60 watt digital power plant. The provision of a sub output is also a big winner for me, as it makes it supremely versatile when it comes to speaker configurations. As a long term Control4 installer, I have been waiting for the dated Speaker Point to be updated. The Triad One streaming ampolifier has done this, hands down. It comes highly recommended.

The Triad One is available now
Price: £515 (plus VAT).

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