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posted on Thursday, 22nd June 2023 by Steve May

Sky Glass  Broadcast 


Sky Live is an interactive camera for Sky Glass owners. It sits atop the Sky Glass panel and connects to the set via USB.

Ease of use is high. Once recognised by the set’s underlying Entertainment OS, the Sky Glass screen automatically adds a new level of functionality to the Sky Glass experience. The user doesn’t have to do anything onerous. A new content rail is simply added to the Sky Glass UI, and extra tabs appear alongside content.

Sky Live: tech specs and build
The Sky Live camera utilises a 12MP sensor with HDR, and a 110 degree horizontal field of view (HFOV) and 93 degree vertical field of view. The camera also has a four microphone array.

Build quality is excellent. The magnetic base of the Sky Live camera ensures a firm grip. You can also angle the camera for the best point of view. With privacy in mind, a hard button on the camera disconnects it completely from power. A single LED light confirms whether it’s active or not.

Sky Live USB Live

Sky Live: applications

We’ve been testing Sky Live, and it’s left us impressed. Much of what Sky Live offers has been seen in various incarnations from other TV manufacturers over the past decade, including video messaging and gameplay, but this level of slick interaction is best in class.

Watch Together allows four Sky LIve households to watch and chat over a chosen programme. It works with all content, from live sports and events to on demand movies. By clicking a Watch Together tab, the primary Sky Live host creates a room which others can join, appearing as a POP.

Sky is working with a number of developers to create apps for the platform. One of the first results of this is Mvmnt, a fitness app, which features more than 130 fitness routines. Using Built-in Body Tracking, the camera monitors activity, and along with a video trainer, takes them through a variety of strength, mobility, Pilates and yoga classes, offering advice and encouragement.

There’s also a variety of interactive games, from casual titles like Fruit Ninja, to more challenging beat games, like Starri.
For the very young, there are engaging participation titles. I saw an early jump-along featuring Peppa Pig.

There’s also VideoBooth, which uses AR technology to dress viewers with various virtual embellishments. Video clips can then be shared over social.

For many the primary use of Sky Live will be to stay in touch. Sky has partnered with Zoom, bringing the popular video conferencing tools to the platform. You can use Sky Live to join into any standard Zoom call.

The camera features auto tracking, and automatically adjusts framing based on the number of people in a room. Noise suppression reduces background noises.

You can also seamlessly switch calls from a smartphone to Zoom on Sky Live, if they’re signed into the same account.

Sky Live Fitness

Sky Live: verdict
Perhaps a surprising new addition to Sky’s technology portfolio, it actually makes perfect sense when it comes to Sky Glass. The execution is peerless and the initial range of interactive options ticks all the obvious boxes. The fact you can jump from a fitness app, to interactive gaming, for a flat fee makes it highly compelling, and for those friends and families already part of the Sky Glass ecosystem, it’s probably a no brainer.

Finally, TV gesture control and interaction is coming of age.

Sky Live: pricing
In line with Sky Glass’s payment scheme, the Sky Live camera can either be bought outright, or, more likely, added as a £6 monthly increment (on a 48 month contract or £12 per month on a 24-month contract, to your subscription package. All the initial services are included in that price, there’s nothing else to pay.

Sky Glass prices start at £14 per month. Sky Ultimate TV with Sky TV, Netflix and discovery+ begins at £26 per month.

Steve May

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