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posted on Friday, 23rd December 2011 by Steve May

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Epson EH-TW6000W is the first projector to combine crosstalk-free 3D with wireless HDMI transmission

The world's largest projector maker doesn't do things by halves. It's landed with a fleet of affordable 3D-ready models that combine high levels of performance with some innovative new features.

One model is of particular interest, given that it comes with the option of wireless HDMI transmission: the EH-TW6000W, shortly to be refreshed as the EH-TW6100W.

Epson has made some big strides with the cosmetics of this range. The 6000 series is all soft curves, with a centrally located lens flanked by intake and exhaust vents. The model is available in black and white, thereby serving both the general residential market and the dedicated home theatre builder.

Installation tools include manual horizontal and vertical keystone correction, augmented with top-lid focus and zoom wheels. Picture throw is generous: at 1.5m you can cast a 50-inch image, rising to 120-inches at 3.5m. Operating noise is low, just 24dB.

Source inputs include two HDMI inputs, component video, phono AV and PC. There's also a USB input with JPEG reader. For system integration there's an RS232 control port but no 12v trigger.

The EH-TW6000W is rated at 2200ANSI lumens and looks extremely bright. I found it usable in even a moderately lit room; this trait makes it particularly useful beyond the home theatre environment, perhaps for gaming get-togethers. 

Calibration controls are fairly standard. While there is no extensive colour management system onboard, overall fidelity remains good. Gain and Offset adjustments for RGB help extract maximum detail, and there's variable and effective noise reduction. To help customization, there are ten memory slots to store picture settings in.  

I've always enjoyed LCD projection, finding it a more relaxing viewing experience than single chip DLP. And I've no hesitation recommending this model for home theatre duties. Images are extremely sharp, contrast is punchy and I was quickly satisfied with its performance.

While Epson may have come to the 3D party late, its implementation is extremely polished. The sync for the Active Shutter glasses is built into the projector, so there's no requirement for a standalone transmitter. One pair of Active Shutter glasses is included in the box. When in 3D mode the projector doubles the screen refresh rate from 240Hz to 480Hz, which keeps crosstalk to an absolute minimum. Tron: Legacy and Tangled (3D Blu-ray) both looked superb.

I was particularly keen to audition the Wi-HD HDMI transmitter which comes with this model. With a single HDMI input, this sits next to your source. Just connect the two and you're away. I experienced no set up hassles at all, it working straight from the box. The wireless image does not suffer any image degradation and while line of sight is recommended, I didn't experience any picture breakup. Side by side with a wired feed, projected images look identical. This gadget could be a great 'Get out jail free' card for installers faced with an infrastructure conundrum.

Overall, I rate the EH-TW6000W as an extremely impressive proposition. It's undeniably fine as a mainstream home theatre projector, the 3D implementation is surprisingly good and it's bright enough for casual games use (the built in speakers are a boon in this regard). Throw in the Wi-HD transmitter and you have a thoroughly compelling package.

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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