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posted on Wednesday, 22nd May 2024 by Steve May

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Danish Hi-Fi specialist Audiovector aims to solidify its position as a premier name in high-fidelity audio with the launch of the Trapeze Reimagined. These new speakers blend classic design aesthetics with cutting-edge audio technology, to create a remarkable listening experience.

Launching in June, Inside CI was invited to Audiovector’s Copehagen HQ for an in-depth listening session with the new model.

The Trapeze Reimagined pays homage to Audiovector’s first commercial speaker, the Trapeze, which company founder Ole Klifoth introduced in 1979. His aim back then was to create a speaker that captured the atmosphere of a live venue.

“I wanted to recreate the kind of sound I experienced in Tivoli’s Concert Hall, 13th row, middle, from where I could take in both the overview and the details,” he recalls.

The new Trapeze Reimagined retains this foundational principle while incorporating modern innovations, embodying 45 years of passion, evolution, and dedication to the art of music reproduction.

Visually, the Trapeze Reimagined is unlike any rival speaker design. The front of the speaker is angled toward the listener, while the rear remains parallel to the wall. The hand-veneered cabinet, available in Black Ash, Nordic Oak, Italian Walnut, and White Silk, is meticulously crafted to minimise distortion and colouration. Custom finishes are also available for those seeking a unique aesthetic.

Inside, Audiovector’s Diffraction Absorption Control technology employs a thick layer of natural felt around the mid and treble drivers, absorbing reflected energy and allowing the drivers to function as point sources. This setup, combined with the iconic angled cabinet, eliminates standing waves and optimises driver performance, we’re told.

The Trapeze Reimagined is equipped with a 5-inch midrange driver using a large Neodymium magnet for maximum power and control. A patented distortion-shorting cap in the magnet ensures extremely low distortion, while a light membrane with a corrugated ‘concertina’ surround provides the superfast performance necessary to blend seamlessly with the speaker’s AMT (Air Motion Transformer) treble driver.

A proprietary linear phase crossover, utilising precision components specifically manufactured for the purpose, maintains Audiovector’s commitment to audio excellence. The original Trapeze laid the groundwork for all Audiovector speakers to come, taking a pioneering approach to linear dynamics and linear phase through a true 6 dB octave crossover. That pays off here too.

Cryogenically treated tin flash/copper capacitors, air-cooled metal housed resistors for bass and midrange, and precision-wound coils within a +/- 1% tolerance level are just a few of the high-quality elements ensuring superior performance.

Made in-house, the 12-inch bass driver, complemented by a 4-inch voice coil. This works in conjunction with an 8-inch isobaric driver, ported to the rear.

This bass combo hits hard and fast, seamlessly integrating with the midrange driver. This results in a richly detailed sound with dynamic vocals and a beautifully balanced bass without any ugly boom.

Installers should note that it offers double mechanical decoupling, incorporating a 2-layer aluminum plinth with built-in decoupling via carbon steel ball bearings and Audiovector spikes. This design minimizes floor interaction, and maximises performance.

During our playback sessions, the Trapeze Reimagined impressed with superb spatial imaging, and a very real sense of presence. That AMT tweeter’s wide dispersion characteristic was immediately evident, delivering a crisp, revealing treble.

The midrange was smooth and musical. The Trapeze Ri, as it’s also known, has the benefit of being able to be driven by a wide variety of amplification. For our sessions, the speakers were partnered with a Gryphon Diablo 333 integrated amplifier as well as a MOON North series 791/761 streaming pre and power stack. It sounded elegant and comfortable with both.

Installers should note that the Trapeze Ri has a uniquely flexible damping feature. On the rear of the speaker is a three position dial, to optimise performance with the amplifier in use. Position One is for transistor amps with a medium damping factor. Position Two is for high power amplification with a high damping factor. Position three is for tube amps with a low damping factor.

It’s well worth experimenting with these to optimise the overall sound of the system, taking into account the electronics employed.


We rate the Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined as a triumph of Hi-Fi design and engineering, one that offers a blend of classic elegance and modern technology. They deliver a clean, warm sound, that’s eminently easy to listen to.

Audiovector has proven that high-fidelity audio can be both sophisticated and accessible. Consider theTrapeze Reimagined a worthy upgrade to any audiophile system.

The Audiovector Trapeze Reimagine are available from June, priced at £15,500 a pair. Distribution is through Renaissance Audio.

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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