Optoma unveils compact 4k laser gaming projector

posted on Tuesday, 5th December 2023 by Steve May

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Optoma has launched a new short throw UHD laser projector with gamers in mind.

Well suited for media room duties, the UHZ35ST offers a 3840x1260 pixel dense image, with a bright 3500 lumens display and 500,000:1 contrast ratio, fuelled by a DuraCore laser light source.

The UHZ35ST also boasts an Enhanced Gaming Mode, with a 240Hz refresh rate with 4ms latency in 1080p, and 16.9ms response time in 4K at 60Hz.

Boasting a maintenance-free 30,000-hour lifespan in Eco Mode, the model projects up to 100-inch images with a throw ratio of 0.496:1.

Despite its high brightness engine, it’s compact in the home, and said to be 34 per cent smaller than its predecessor.

Versatile installation options include horizontal and vertical keystone correction, 360° rotation, and even a portrait mode operation.

Connections include two HDMI 2.0 inputs, a3.5mm audio output, USB, plus RS232, and RJ45. The UHZ35ST’s chassis is also made up of 50 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials to ensure environmental sustainability.

The UHZ35ST retails for £2,299. Distribution is via Exertis.

Best console games for dazzling visuals

To put the laser-powered UHZ35ST through its paces, demo it with these highly rated PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S games:
Demon's Souls
Genre: Action RPG
Visual Highlights: Stunning graphics with realistic lighting, detailed character models, and breathtaking environments showcasing the power of the PS5.
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
Genre: Action-Adventure
Visual Highlights: Fast-paced gameplay with seamless transitions between worlds, showcasing the console's fast loading times, ray tracing, and vibrant, detailed visuals.
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Genre: Action-Adventure
Visual Highlights: Incredible attention to detail, ray-traced reflections, and smooth animations, offering a visually immersive experience swinging through the streets of New York.
Genre: Third-person Shooter
Visual Highlights: Dynamic environments, impressive lighting effects, and alien landscapes that take advantage of the PS5's capabilities.
Horizon Forbidden West
Genre: Action RPG
Visual Highlights: A vast and visually stunning open world with detailed robotic creatures, lush landscapes, and dynamic weather effects.

Xbox Series X/S
Halo Infinite
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Visual Highlights: Iconic sci-fi visuals with improved textures, lighting, and expansive environments in the Master Chief's latest adventure.
Forza Horizon 5
Genre: Racing
Visual Highlights: Incredibly realistic graphics, detailed car models, and breathtaking landscapes inspired by Mexico, showcasing the power of the Xbox Series X.
Gears 5
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Visual Highlights: Impressive character design, cinematic visuals, and detailed environments, making it a showcase for the graphical capabilities of the Xbox Series X.
Cyberpunk 2077 (Optimized Version)
Genre: Action RPG
Visual Highlights: A visually immersive open-world with futuristic cityscapes, advanced lighting effects, and intricate character designs.
The Medium
Genre: Psychological Horror
Visual Highlights: Dual-reality gameplay with two rendered worlds simultaneously, creating a visually unique and unsettling experience.

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