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posted on Monday, 5th March 2012 by Ajay Vasdev

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Eight reasons to hire a lighting designer

Ajay Vasdev from Asco Lights explains why budgeting for a lighting expert could be a bright move.

A lighting designer can bring massive benefits to your next project. But in my experience all too often lighting is considered far too late in the design process. Lighting design should be interwoven into the very fabric of the construction to ensure that the features that you've laboured over for many months are always viewed in their best light.

A lighting designer can, of course, develop the lighting designs and circuit plans for a project from architectural plans. But this limits their ability to assist in developing truly spectacular results for your firm and your clients. They have a lot more to offer than you might think. Here are eight compelling reasons why I think budgeting for a lighting designer may be a bright thing to do...

1: Co-ordination and compliance

Not only will a lighting designer coordinate all of the many people involved in the selection, development, design and installation of your lighting; they will consider all of the implications of Part L compliance to correctly adhere to building regulations.

2: Save you money

Once you've selected the right fittings for your project, your lighting designer can use their buying power and supplier relationships to make substantial savings on any purchases, which you simply would not be able to achieve any other way. These savings can often offset their professional fees.

3: No language barriers

Lighting designers work day in and day out with interior designers, builders, electricians and home automation companies, so they speak the same language and understand the intricacies of how each element of the project combines to develop a design vision. It helps to have everyone on the same page.

4: 3D modelling

A lighting designer can create intricate 3D renders of their designs that can not only help you to visualise how they plan to bring a space to life, add drama or create a mood, but enable you to tweak and adapt your design at these early stages to achieve the best results. The beauty of these 3D renders or walk-throughs is that they can also be used to present interior design elements or architectural features to clients well before the building work has begun.

5: Project management

Lighting designers can project manage. Not only do they know their products better than anyone else in your team but they also have an intimate knowledge of the lighting design so are best placed to offer guidance to turn a lighting vision into shining reality. Whether they are project managing or not, your lighting designer should also carry out site visits on a regular basis to check on progress as well as educate and inform those involved in the installation of the best ways of working with the technologies and products involved in the project.

6 Technical Expertise

As part of any project management or site visits, it's the lighting designer's responsibility to make sure that all of the relevant information on how to best utilise the lighting technology chosen is disseminated to relevant parties. For instance, they should produce and coordinate loading schedules, which among other things will require them to inform electricians and home automation specialists how far a driver can be positioned from a set of LED products.

7: Problem solving

Having a good lighting designer on your team could be a timesaver should any issues arise. Whether it's to do with building regulation compliance or product selection, installer guidance or anything else that affects the lighting on the project, your lighting designer will be able to step up to the responsibility of quickly finding a practical and cost-effective solution.

8: Add a touch of class

A great lighting designer can help you to create truly stunning results, whether you're looking for the dramatic style of a chandelier dripping with Swarovski crystals uniquely designed and fashioned for your project or the flexibility to mould a space through infinitely adaptable colour and intensity control. By illuminating the built environment, lighting designers provide the finishing touch that accentuates architectural features and create bespoke ambiance.

AscoLights is a company of award-winning lighting designers with a heritage stretching back over a decade. Not only do they offer all of the above but, with the largest design studio of its kind in England and their strong relationships with a wide variety of leading manufacturers, they offer unbiased judgement on which products to use on your project to always achieve the finest results.
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Ajay Vasdev

Ajay Vasdev is a tenacious property sector entrepreneur with a number of successful pioneering enterprises in his portfolio including his flagship business Asco Lights - an award-winning, national, end-to-end lighting design and supply company.

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Posted by Darren Shear on 3rd March 2012, 9:08 PM
Some wise words from Ajay I have seen so many jobs spoilt with bad lighting design.
Posted by Alpha Designs on 4th March 2012, 10:23 PM
I would agree, a lighting designer is needed from the beginning of a project to get the results you need. I have been inspired by Ajay and Asco Lights.
Posted by Nicola Grainger on 5th March 2012, 10:28 AM
Thank you for your comments Darren and Alpha Designs, I agree that a bad lighting design can completely ruin a development whereas good lighting design will completely transform each room within the property and in the long term will add value to a property. It is essential we firstly understand the client’s aims and objectives as well as their aspirations for the property and only when we have a complete understanding can we then start to provide consultancy. Far too often we see schemes that have been done by other lighting designers that have no resemblance what so ever to the initial brief that was set. The end result is client frustration and dissatisfaction. Our role is to work hand in hand with the other professionals that may be working on the projects such as interior designers, electrical contractors and home automation companies and thus becoming a valuable resource to all those involved, ultimately taking the headache away from the end client. Moving on from the initial listening process our aim is to then “educate” the client on various issues surrounding lighting design and product supply and clearly going through the different products on the market. We feel that clients can only make informed purchasing decisions once they clearly understand the reasons for the lighting design that has been created and the products that have been specified. The team at Asco Lights are very passionate about lighting and this is reflected in our projects and the quality of our work. Nicola Grainger, Project Manager, Asco Lights

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