Samsung wows with Glare-Free 2024 OLED and AI upscaling

posted on Thursday, 22nd February 2024 by Steve May

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Samsung moved AI centrestage at its annual product showcase in Frankfurt this week. The ‘World of Samsung’ event offered the first in-depth look at incoming Samsung product ranges, from TV and audio, to SmartThings and gaming.

Artifical Intelligence, says the company, will help make consumer’s lives less complicated, and more convenient. It will also, Inside CI was to discover, introduce a whole new generation of image enhancements, including generative upscaling to 8k and far more powerful neural network picture processing.

Indeed, 2024 could well be the year when consumers stop asking what they can watch in 8k, and begin wondering just how many improvements it can bring to all types of media. Demonstrations of 720p content ‘reinterpreted’ to 8k resolution were genuinely remarkable.

The end result doesn’t look like conventional upscaling, but its eye candy appeal is high. We can’t wait to see what it does to DVDs!

At the heart of Samsung’s AI powered revolution is a new third generation NQ8 AI processor, which will be found in its 2024 Neo QLED 8k range. This Gen3 processor has an on-device AI engine (NPU) two times faster than the Gen2 processor, making it Samsung’s fastest processor yet.

At a behind the scenes Tech Seminar Samsung demonstrated how AI Motion Enhancer Pro can be used to solve stuttering issues with streaming sports content.

Samsung is also betting that its Glare Free screen technology will appeal to high-end TV buyers. The treatment makes its debut on the S95D QD-OLED. Various demonstrations were offered that confirmed that it does indeed, minimise reflective light sources.

The company also showed its impressive S90D OLED, in a variety of screen sizes. This model has a conventional glossy screen.

The Frankfurt event also offered a first glimpse at pricing. The 55-inch S95D is listed at €2,799, with the 65-inch at €3,699, and the 77-inch at €5,199.

The 55-inch S90D will retail for €2,299, with the 65- and 77-inch versions following at €3,099 and €4,399 respectively.

The 8k 65-inch QN900D will launch at €5,799, with the 75-inch and 85-inch models at €7,799 and €10,999.

At the event, Samsung told Inside CI that a new generation of its outdoor weatherproof display, the Terrace, was on the way. Details were scarce at the ‘World of Samsung’ event, but it will offer an upgraded panel and will be fully waterproof, opening the door to marine installations.

The success of the The Frame lifestyle TV has also led to a new musical iteration, known as the Music Frame. This can be used as an on-wall Bluetooth speaker, or paired with a Samsung TV and Q-Symphony soundbar to create an immersive sound stage. The Music Frame has a customisable front panel, and integrates with SmartThings.

AI is also spreading its smart home reach to appliances. The new Family Hub Refrigerator uses AI Vision inside to manage your food. Using an internal camera, it can detect when items have reached their sell-by date. It will also suggest recipes based on what items you have left the fridge.

There’s also a Bespoke AI washing machine, which uses five different sensors to intelligently adjust the washing performance for each load. Even the humble Stick vacuum is getting an AI upgrade. It can distinguish different surfaces and adjust the cleaning power needed.

Benjamin Braun, Samsung Europe’s Chief Marketing Officer, declared “At World of Samsung, we are celebrating how the power of artificial intelligence is here today, and how it’s making a real impact on our customers’ lives now and in the future.”

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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