Samsung positions Micro LED Wall as B2C display, intros 8k

posted on Monday, 6th January 2020 by Steve May

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Samsung has introduced an 8k iteration of its modular Micro LED TV technology at CES 2020, complete with a new user interface that dramatically shows how it might be used in a home environment.

The new Wall Luxury display can be configured to present a screen, or multiple screens, across multiple MicroLED modules. These could, for example, be used to show multiple sports feeds, in a typical sports-bar style, or present a combination of TV or streaming content with other info-tainment. Netflix was demonstarted as running with a picture 'frame' hanging on The Wall. When required, the entire Wall display can also be given over to a cinematic display.

At the brand's CES First Look unveil, Samsung impressed with an alephantine 292-inch Wall that offered a convincing theatrical experience.

Elephant Wall

Prior to CES, at a special preview at Samsung’s Digital City complex in Suwon, 30 kilometres south of Seoul, Inside CI was treated to a preview of the Wall Luxury display running a 4k movie clip from Interstellar at 2160p resolution in 4k HDR, from YouTube. The brightness and drama of the presentation was considerable, with far more pop than could be achieved by a traditional projection screen installation of similar size.

It was also clear that great strides have been made with the overall concept. Early Wall demonstrations were compromised by visible gaps between the modular bricks which make up The Wall. That’s far less of an issue now.

Frame Display

Business Wall

Samsung told Inside CI that it is repositioning The Wall, with The Wall Pro and The Wall Luxury targeting both Pro AV digital signage and residential applications.

However the brand isn’t going as far as positioning the technology as a competitor to OLED or its own QLED, telling us that Micro LED “is still very difficult” to deliver.

It does say though that it considers The Wall a genuine B2C product. The brand intends to sell the modular screen in pre-packed screen configurations, of 75-, 88-, 93-, 110-, 150- and 292-inches. Systems measuring 110-inches or less will come with a fixed pedestal. Larger Walls will be modular and capable of 8k resolution.

Samsung says it has now got Micro LED chip size manufacturing down to less than 50 micro metres, some 15 times smaller than the first generation Wall. Smaller LED sizes translate to higher efficiency and a more accurate manufacturing process, and it’s this which is allowing the brand to consider making smaller screen size configurations.

The new MicroLEDs also prevent light leakage and and have improved beam control.

Making Wall Crop

The new 8k Wall Luxury is HDR capable, and offers a180 degree viewing angle. Operational life is rated at 100,000 hours, without any deterioration in brightness or colour over time, as the chip is non-organic. Contrast is outstanding, black levels deep and convincing.

The wall’s unique form factor also means that it’s bezel free. It comes with an AI powered image up-scaler. “We don’t really like to talk about resolution when it comes to The Wall,” we were told. “We say the technology is Resolution Free!”

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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