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posted on Friday, 4th July 2014 by David Slater

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Pulse has been pushing the boundaries of distribution and marketing since its inception in 2003. The company provides in-depth training and has been involved in some of the most impressive cinema designs we've had the pleasure seeing. Inside CI recently visited its impressive training facility in Bishops Stortford and took a mini tour. It transpires that Pulse has much to offer.

From the outside, it looks like any business could be operating behind the company's engimatic closed doors; it's only when you step into the building that you realise the Pulse HQ is something special. The first room you come across is the kitchen with its fully operated high-end ovens, fridges and coffee machines. It is perfectly lit. Over to the right side of the kitchen is an impressive array of electronics fitted into the wall space, these electronics power the two cinemas housed in the building.

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The first cinema onsite is an entry-level offering (pictured above), housed in a garage-sized room to show that you don't have to spend in excess of £250k if you want a great looking and sounding room. The image quality from the resident Runco X-200i with Rainier anamorhic lens is stunning. Images are cast onto a Screen Research E Mask ClearPix 4k acoustically transparent screen.

The room has two speaker systems from Triad and procella to listen to. The in-ceiling Triad bronze LCR and surrounds are bolstered by two subwoofers. The Procella in-walls consist a front stage comprising P8 LCRs, with four P6 surrounds and two P10 subwoofers. Both sound systems utilise a Datasat RS20i processor and Datasat RA7300 multichannel power amplifier.

The second, larger cinema (pictured below) is a veritable Rolls Royce of a room, with Runco SC-50 3-chip DLP reference projector coupled to a McKinley autoscope anamorphic lens. The loudspeaker contingent comprises here Triad Cinema Reference LCR2 behind the screen and no fewer than ten, yes ten, subwoofers!

Once again, a Datasat RS20i processor with two Datasat 72400 drives the front speakers with two x RA7300s amplify the rest. The always impressive Kaleidescape M700 vault and M300 player provides movie playback. Adding a third dimension to the room are the Fortress Kensington cinema chairs connected to D-BOX 3250i actuators and managed via a series IV controller. During the Denzel Washington movie Flight, we were transported into the movie as the plane was about to crash, feeling every bump and jolt of the aircraft! Enormous fun!

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The team at Pulse also host training events for industry professionals, inclusing ISF video calibration and HAA room acoustics and calibration courses to help ensure its systems are correctly configured. Lutron training is also provided to cater for lighting needs while sound tutorials focus on the amazing Datasat range of processor and amplifiers. Given the complex nature of such high-end equipment, it's a must to be trained properly in order to provide clients with the true experience that this top end kit can deliver. Interestingly, one of Pulse's most popular courses remains the Introduction to Cinema which covers all the basics about the design and installation of a home theatre.

Pulse boasts its own technical team who can offer full support across a range of products, with phone, email and even on-site support where needed. The first time a dealer purchases a product, a member of the technical team is made available to guide the integrator through the installation of the product. A nice touch.

Pulse service does not have to end with this product sale either. Mike Beatty and his crew will also offer to market your install. The group has created as a resource to help dealers inspire their customers, by showing them some of the best designs possible.

Pulse? It seems they have their fingers on it.

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