From a connected oven to ultra-fast washers, stand by for the smartest IFA show yet

posted on Wednesday, 8th May 2019 by Steve May

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IFA 2019 promises to be the smartest technology show yet, with a raft of new connected devices set to launch. At the recent IFA Global Press Conference, cutting-edge brands previewed products to come, while market analysts outlined trends for the sector.

According to sales data from GfK, the global spend on smart tech goods will hit 1,052 billion euro this year. In Europe alone, the smart technology market will be worth 267 billion euro.

The Top five consumer user demands from smart home tech are security, smart energy, smart entertainment, smart health and smart appliances.

According to GfK’s Igor Richter, the market is evolving from simple smart connection, to intelligence with contextual awareness. while smart entertainment products have the lion’s share (83 percent) of unit sales, smart lighting and smart appliances are now seeing double digit growth.


Haier Double Washer

Traditionally, the appliance market lags behind when it comes to innovation. Buyers have yet to be persuaded of the value of smart white goods. But that could be about to change. Appliance giant Haier, which recently acquired the Candy group, says it intends to become a leader in smart home appliances.

Haier accounts for one in five of all washing machines sold globally, and has nine per cent market share in air conditioning (where it uses the general Electric brand).

It believes smart functionality needs to address real user needs, and consumers will buy when they understand the benefit. It says market research identified that 65 per cent of users choose quick wash cycles, so Haier’s next generation washers, which will debut at IFA, will offer no fewer than nine Quick wash cycles. These can be used with a smart app. Users will select the best cycle by taking a picture of their washing, and allowing the app to choose the cycle.

Haier will also launch an all-in one washer dryer combi (pictured above), packed with sensors to simplify use.

Another Haier brand, Hoover, is being repositioned into the well being sector. One surprise launch at IFA will be a smart oven which uses heat for food preservation (as an alternative to refrigeration). Food will be kept permanently warm at just over 60c. When questioned on running costs, the brand promised this would be the equivalent to a coffee a day.

Marlies Gebetsberger

Meanwhile, Philips will launch a smart snoring relief band at IFA 2019 that will be able to predict when snoozers are about to roll onto their backs. Using small vibrations it’ll coax sleepers back onto their side.

There’s even a smart Philips men’s shaver on the way. The 7000 Series will provide personalised user reports; it’s aimed at men with sensitive skin.

Other smart Philips products set for launch at IFA include a new air purifier, the 4500 Series, able to clean a 20 square metre room in eight minutes, and a next generation Airfryer which uses a smart sensor to adjust cooking temperatures.


Safera Batteries

Smart cooking pioneer Safera also used the IFA GPC to unveil a diminutive smart cooking sensor (pictured above). This small battery powered unit is a combi fire alarm and air quality sensor, designed to be used in conjunction with an app.

“Most people only ventilate their kitchen too late,” says Safera CEO Erkka Suvikumpu, “and they often forget to turn on the cooker hood.”

The smart cooking sensor connects over Wi-Fi and by Bluetooth, and can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The app, sensing what you’re cooking, even creates a timeline for your meal. It’ll sell for £149 when it launches in September.

IFA Berlin 2019 runs September 6-11.

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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