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posted on Monday, 13th August 2012 by Steve May

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When Inside CI visited legendary UK hi-fi company Naim Audio we couldn't resist asking Steve Hopkins, Naim's Customer Service Manager, the secret of their success. After all, the brand has flourished in the higher-echelons of the audio market for years. Hopkins thought long and hard about his answer, and then offered: "Breakfast in the morning with toast and bits 'n' pieces, salad for lunch and then in the afternoon tea, with cakes."

It was, of course, the most perfectly British of answers.

In point of fact, Naim's subsidised canteen is actually where much of the company gathers and socialises on a daily basis, and it's almost certainly a huge contributory factor to the tightness of the team. That said, we suspect Naim's success might also be down to the meticulous precision of its hi-fi components. Perhaps the real answer lies somewhere in between. For a virtual tour of the brand's Salisbury factory, fire up our photo gallery below and enjoy...

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