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posted on Monday, 30th September 2013 by David Slater

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Projection goliath Epson recently invited Inside CI along to its HQ in Hemel Hempstead, to attend its 2013 Home Cinema projector launch event. Over 30 dealers from the SDS (Selected Distribution System) network were invited along to see just what the new range offers the CI industry; the day was structured to help dealers market the new models, as well as learn more through hands-on demos. Habitech and Midwich, the brand's two trade distribution agents, were also on hand to offer a wide range of related and supportive home cinema products...

The format of the day was well-balanced, with a fair amount of interaction. Product manager Paul Wilson was our guide for the morning session, which began by offering a comprehensive overview of the incoming models. The new 2013 range begins with the 720p EH-TW490, which retails for just £549. This budget model could well be of interest for non-theatre use. Epson's first Full HD model, the EH-TW5200, is equally keenly priced, at just £749. It's 3D ready and boasts a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, plus horizontal and vertical keystone correction. This two HDMI model has a lamp life of up to 6,000 hours.

The step-up EH-TW7200 is available to SDS channel partners at £1899 and is due to ship this November. It offers a 120,000.1 contrast ratio, plus PIP (Picture in Picture) display. Topping the line-up is the EH-TW9200 (£2699). Shipping at the same time, it boasts a massive 600,000.1 contrast ratio. There's also a sister wireless version with second generation HD transmitter. In addition to a new preview mode, the EH-TW9200 features a high-spec Fujinon lens, 3D frame interpolation and 3D Super resolution. It also offers ISF calibration. The EH-TW9200 and EH-TW7200 both come with 5 year unlimited warranty, including the lamp. Lower models are supported with a 2-3 year warranty.

Extensive demonstrations duly followed. The 3D frame interpolation and Super Resolution modes on the EH-TW9200 are undoubtedly impressive; I thought the images moving across the screen had distinctively less judder with cleaner, finer detail, when these features were engaged. 

Come the afternoon slot, we were herded into two groups. I joined the Habitech troupe, hosted by Adrian Blundell who ran through how to produce a great home cinema. Adrian has been involved in many cinema systems over the years, and certainly knows his stuff. The main gist of the talk urged dealers to try and concentrate on what their client wants, and build the system around this, don't just think about technology you can also make money on: seating, decoration and acoustic treatments. Further interesting workshops followed, including one which featured projectors (one of which was an Epson) hidden within enclosures for a comparative shoot-out. We were challenged with questions such as "what is the most realistic skin tone?" and "which lemon is the perfect yellow?"  At the end of the quiz, the incognito Epson was revealed and thankfully all of us had picked it. Phew!

All in all, this event provided a good introduction which will undoubtedly help SDS dealers when it comes to specifying the new range. The day concluded with our hosts taking us all for a curry. Ah, I do love these events…

For more on Epson and its product line-up, visit our partner page here. For more on Habitech's product protfolio and services, visit our partner page here.

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