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posted on Wednesday, 12th February 2014 by David Slater

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Even the best kit in the world won't excite consumers if they can't put it in context. Premium home cinema components can look positively industrial, but dressed within a luxury home theatre they can literally seem worth a million bucks. Which, of course, is where custom install comes in.  After all, without the humble installer, how would manufacturers and distributors get their kit to look so sexy?

Deep collaboration between dealers and manufacturers has grown over the years and at ISE 2014, one such collaboration appeared in rude health. Italian home cinema specialist Home Theatre Environment introduced its exclusive Royale design for high-end home theatres at the show, the latest in a line of stunning turnkey modular home theatre rooms, with high-end hardware support from Datasat and Wisdom.

As befits its name, the Royale combines opulent design with acoustically transparent fabric and a hardwood floor. The wall structure consists of aluminium stud and various panels at different depths; four recessed housings allow ornamental niches or fixed panels to be positioned according to a client preference. HTE says all the walls in its Royale incorporate materials optimised for superior sound diffusion.The 18-seat theatre seen at the show was actually designed and manufactured in Italy prior to its big ISE reveal. Building the room off-site meant that HTE had complete control of the acoustical environment.

HTE founder Maurizio Conti (pictured) was understandably delighted with the result. "In partnership with Wisdom Audio and Datasat, attendees could experience and feel our dynamic and sophisticated design in a true high performance and luxurious setup," he said.

For more on HTE's turnkey theatre solutions, visit For more on Datasat Digital Entertainment home cinema products, visit our partner page here.

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