HDanywhere unveils 10 new products, embarks on dramatic brand refresh

posted on Wednesday, 26th October 2016 by Geny Caloisi

HDanywhere  4K 


In an Apple-style keynote, HDanywhere (HDA) took over screen five at the Odeon Cinema at Manchester Printworks to launch ten new products and mark ten years in business.

The event was kicked off with a short film about HDA’s brand vision followed by a keynote speech from founder Chris Pinder, HDA’s co-founder. There was also a live on-stage demo of HDA’s new bundled-free AV control system ‘uControl’ from project head Dillan Pattni.

HDA unveiled a brand new aluminium design language consistent throughout all new products. This includes four new HDMI extenders called XTND; two new more-affordable MHUB 4K systems; two new MHUB 4K ‘PRO’ systems with touch panel controls and cloud services; new scaling receivers, and uControl. uControl is a free app allowing users to easily control every source device and display connected to MHUB PRO (pictured below) without any programming.

Mhub -pro -flagship (1)

“At HDA we do things differently, this is an opportunity to realign how people perceive HDanywhere as a device which can actively enhance the AV experience in the smart home.” said Pinder, during the packed out presentation. “We are not a typical manufacturer in the video distribution category. A combination of great design and a brave innovative culture is at the heart of our business.”

The four new HDMI extenders are replacing all existing models called XTND. Made from ultra lightweight aluminium and sporting a new industrial design language HDanywhere is calling ‘Carbonite.’ The new products include two models separated into 2K (1080p) and two models in 4K (UHD + HDR). Sporting retail-grade packaging, the extender models are light and thin – well suited for today’s ultra thin displays. In fact, Chris calls them his “slender extenders”.

Slender -extender (1)

A model the manufacturer was keen to draw attention to during the launch event was the new XTND4K100 model which uses HDBaseT 2.0 Class C technology, meaning that it delivers 4K 100m, 1080p 150m when set in long range mode and offers audio return from either an optical connection or the ARC HDMI channel from the display. “It really is class leading and a phenomenal extender product,” Pinder enthused.

Of the four models, two are already shipping (the XTND2K30 and the XTNDK40), with XTND2K40 and XTND4K100 shipping in November.

Talking about the company’s MHUB 4K systems, its third generation, Pinder commented, “Our 2K range has been our most popular multiroom system by quite a distance and we’ve sold a lot of them. We know that this is down to its price point, dependability and performance, but there is no denying that we’re moving into an Ultra HD world. We began to think: ‘what if we could make an MHUB 4K (that also supported UHD + HDR) for close-to the price of our MHUB 2K systems?’ So we have revealed just that: our new MHUB 4K (3rd Gen) for exactly the same price as MHUB 2K.”

Featuring a radically improved new industrial design also using the Carbonite design language, these are manufactured using aluminium.

Meet -xtnd (1)

MHUB 4K sports a simplified front panel design with no LCD display, instead LED indicators and simple buttons have been used to reduce costs but keep operation easy and intuitive. Upgraded from MHUB 2K is the addition of PoE and robust HDBaseT-Lite technology, reportedly improving performance and increasing transmission distances by 40 per cent. The receivers share the same design as HDanywhere’s XTND extenders, being light and super thin – and are the manufacturer’s most affordable MHUB 4Ks.

The new products are available in two models: MHUB 4K (4x3+1)
4 HDMI in, 3 HDBaseT-Lite out and 1 HDMI out, 1 zone audio extraction, and MHUB 4K (8x6+2)
4 HDMI in, 3 HDBaseT-Lite out and 1 HDMI out, 1 zone audio extraction.

After 14 months of top-secret development, HDanywhere was finally ready to introduce the MHUB 4K PRO, optimised to do more, only with less hardware. “MHUB 4K PRO is our most refined design ever and is the first MHUB to use elegant backlit touch controls which fade in and out as required to keep a discrete, clutter-free premium look,” said Pinder. “When you get up close to MHUB 4K PRO you’ll just want to touch it. Trust us!”

Internally, the MHUB PRO’s feature HDBaseT-Pro, utilising HDBT Class A technology, which adds fast Ethernet, enhancing what can be achieved over a single cat6 cable. MHUB 4K Pro delivers not just video distribution, it can also enable the connected home.

Key to its appeal is its various zone output audio options: On each zone output, it is possible to get the HDMI audio down-mixed to two-channel stereo via the 3.5mm headphone jack, while the optical/SPDIF port will allow up to 5.1 audio simultaneously. For uncompressed audio, such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, the mirrored HDMI outputs on each of the eight zones can be utilised.

Mhub -rear

These are the most powerful MHUB 4Ks the manufacturer has ever built, and they come in two models: MHUB 4K (4x4) Pro 4 HDMI in, 4 HDBaseT-Pro Out, 4 Digital and 4 Analogue Audio Out, Touch Panel controls, HDA Cloud Enabled, HDA Pro Enabled, uControl Service Enabled, and MHUB 4K (8x8) Pro
8 HDMI in, 8 HDBaseT-Pro Out, 8 Digital and 8 Analogue Audio Out, Touch Panel controls, HDA Cloud Enabled, HDA Pro Enabled, uControl Service Enabled.

HDA has also created a mobile optimised HTML5 web interface to manage settings designed to simplify the MHUB 4K’s installation experience. Once set up it can be used as a handy source switching remote control should a remote not be nearby. All setup requirements are covered: source and room names, LAN settings and EDID management. For additional security, the user can lock the interface using a quick four-digit pin.

On-board MHUB 4K Pro is the same DASH platform as the MHUB 4K, but now comes with bolstered IOT abilities enabling Cloud backup and monitoring, troubleshooting assistance and access to the advanced uControl service.

HDA and MHUB remain committed to supporting as many control systems as possible; drivers for all MHUBs remain free of charge. Access to them has been made easier as they are now available from within the platform in DASH. On top of that, the manufacturer has added an Opto-Coupler device, meaning that direct IR control can now be passed from any control system directly in to MHUB’s IR ports for direct control, eliminating the need to manually pass an IR signal from one device to another.

Control -everything -ucontrol

MHUB Pro also solves the problem of mismatched display resolutions. Scaling is a feature normally seen on IP-based systems, but generally not on HDBaseT. An optional 4K to 1080p downscaling receiver is available on MHUB Pro, enabling a simple way to get over the real-world challenges of mixed resolution projects. All that is needed is 1x per 1080 display for a simple solution to the problem.

HDanywhere’s ‘one more thing’ moment from its keynote was the introduction of what is calls ‘unintimidating, powerful control’.

“At HDAnywhere, we believe that control of MHUB and the devices connected to it was woefully under par for a manufacturer in 2016 and we wanted to address that in our pro systems,” said Pattni, HDA marketing director. “It is now possible to control MHUB, source devices and displays using our new uControl App which will be available when our MHUB’s ship in December.

“The app is intuitive and easy to use with no programming knowledge required to operate or set up. It features beautiful HDA design and requires no additional hardware to be purchased; everything you need is included in the box and is ready to go.”

The app was successfully demonstrated at the X Event, showcasing its source switching capabilities and control of an Apple TV and Sky HD system.   

“We’re so confident in our products and build quality that we’re increasing our warranty period by another year,” added Chris. “It is our dependability guarantee." 

All new MHUBs will ship in December along with uControl, which is available to download from iOS and Android Play Store.

Geny Caloisi

Geny Caloisi is an accomplished technology journalist who has worked in a variety of AV industry publications. 

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