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posted on Friday, 7th June 2013 by Steve May

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When the D+M Group stages a product preview it does so on a lavish scale. Owner of the Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics brands, this year D+M invited dealers and media from across Europe to Sorrento Italy, to gaze lovingly at upcoming hi-fi exotica, under the shared banner 'Excelling in Experience'. At this year's conference there was a clear sense that Denon was being repositioned at the younger-end of the spectrum. Traditional brand strengths such as AVRs were in abundance, but there was a renewed push on headphones, this time targeting the sports sector, and much talk of streaming opportunities.

By way of comparison Marantz, celebrating its 60th anniversary, was polished up to appeal more to older ears. Highlights of this year's event included a marvellous journey through a lifetime of sound formats by Marantz brand ambassador Ken Ishiwata, from the earliest and rarest vinyl to the latest DSD file downloads, using a combination of vintage and leading-edge stereo gear. "DSD is my favourite format of all," proclaimed the music master when asked. Delegates were also treated to an 11.6 home theatre sound-off…staged in a pucker theatre.

"Our mission is not just delivering premium audio performances, but delivering complete solutions - great design, ease of use, whenever you want it, wherever you want it," enthused UK MD Jason Dear. For a recap of what went down, engage with our Gallery below…

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