Auro 3D makes video game debut on psychological shocker Get Even

posted on Saturday, 23rd September 2017 by Steve May

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Immersive sound technology Auro 3D has made its video game debut. Creepy thriller title Get Even has broken new ground by offering an Auro 3D immersive soundtrack. Musicians recorded the score, which features the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra along with various electronic instruments, using ambisonic techniques. It was mixed in Auro 3D at Galaxy Studios, home of Auro Technologies.

Composer Olivier Derivière, who has scored music for animation, films and games says “Get Even is not about the gameplay, it’s about the experience. When you play, one level may not be the same when you play it a second time, fundamentally changing the feel of that game stage.”

Auro Technologies is synonymous with Auro 3D, an alternative 3D sound format to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. However the Get Even mix doesn’t require any proprietary decoding technology. It works with regular stereo headphones. “You’ll feel like you are within the room with the musicians. It’s like being in the centre of the story,” says Derivière. 

The effect does not work with loudspeakers or TV sound systems. However, the game’s audio options include a separate high dynamic range home cinema mix, in addition to the Auro 3D headphone experience.

Asylum _2_ Crop

Get Even Cradle

Produced by indie developer The Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco, Get Even takes place in a VR world, but it’s not a VR game. In the game, the character wears a (VR-style) device, called the Pandora, which adds another level to the game play. “Is what you’re seeing real or not? You’ll get confused,” says Derivière. “But how can we have music that makes sense in this VR world? Every little sound is a clue to the truth. When you complete the game, you’ll want to redo it.”

For the mix, Derivière used all manner of organic noise to build his atmosphere. “Most of the music in the game isn’t in-source, for example a radio playing in a room,” he says. “What I actually did was take the room tone, the noise from light bulbs, speakers and the like, and pitch correct them all to C. This enabled me to create a droning atmosphere which builds tension. We applied this approach to every level, and every scene.”

Olivier Deriviere Crop

“This isn’t Dolby Atmos,” says Derivière (pictured above). “What we are talking about here are ambisonics, and the way you can reproduce them. 3D is part of the gaming world. The issue is that the sonic perspective of game sounds isn’t natural; if you listen on headphones it feels like everything is too defined, whereas in the real world there is less definition. This is what Auro 3D Headphone brings.”

Get Even is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Steve May

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