Wyrestorm’s remarkable HDBaseT amplifier explained

posted on Friday, 8th February 2013 by Steve May

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Wyrestorm has taken the wraps off the world's first HDBaseT amplifier, and we think it could fundamentally change the way installers think about designing multi-room audio-visual systems. The AMP-001-010 combines networked AV, local audio input and 2x25w class D amplification, with the distribution benefits of single wire HDBT. It can be used as a straightforward extender solution for single-source/single-display residential systems, or as part of a much more ambitious network for larger commercial systems, when partnered with one Wyrestorm's Pro Plus multiple output Matrix devices. Wyrestorm's GM Adrian Ickeringill told Inside CI: "It's never been easier to design and install a large distributed HDMI AV system with local input at every location." He could well be right.

At its most basic, the AMP-001-010 can extract stereo audio direct from the digital audio within the HDBT signal and amplify it locally, removing the need for any extra breakout boxes and converters. A single Cat5e/6 cable is all that's required between the source and amplifier; the amp provides spring clip terminals for stereo speakers, a dedicated subwoofer output plus an HDMI feed for the display, all fully controllable via IR or RS232.

Typically, a simple residential system might consist of AV sources (set top box, media server etc) routed to the amplifier via a TX-70-PP HDBT transmitter; speakers and a subwoofer would be connected directly to the AMP-001-010. The ARC (Audio Return Channel) functionality of the amp allows audio from a connected Smart TV to be played into the system, giving the listener instant access to a multitude of streaming services. Personal audio can also be input via a 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack, if required. Should more amplification be needed in any particular zone, a larger amp can be hooked up using a pair of pre-outs, without sacrificing ARC, repeating, receiving and audio switching capabilities.

Additionally, the system can be expanded across a network. More Wyrestorm HDBT amps can be added via a single Cat cable, connecting to more speakers and displays, all being fed either from the same centralised AV input, or from individual local sources. Up to seven AMP-001-010's can be added to single network, potentially covering a distance of 457m with full HD video, amplified 2.1 audio and IR/RS-232 control. For a larger commercial project, the AMP-001-010 could be added to the multiple outputs of an HDBT matrix switcher.

As the HDBT amp measures just 202mm x 178mm x 31mm, there are multiple installation options. It can be located in a ceiling void and coupled to in-ceiling/in-wall speakers, wall mounted next to a data plate, or even parked in a centralised rack with the matrix switcher and routed to each zone with conventional speaker cable and one Cat5e/6 cable. The AMP-001-010 is expected to begin shipping this spring.

For more on the Wyrestorm range, visit our partner page.
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Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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Posted by James Middleton on 8th February 2013, 9:25 PM
This sounds like what I have been after for years, TVs come with rubbish sound I have always tried to hide big bulky amps next to screen, this will solve this problem.

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