Flexson Sonos accessories

Flexson is the UK’s no.1 Sonos dedicated accessories brand, whose high-quality install products are centred completely around the industry’s leading wireless speakers. Powered by a team of expert designers whose passion for Sonos is channelled into every product, the Flexson brand has won critical acclaim for its premium wall mounts and stands. 

Flexson’s practical installation solutions allow Sonos users get more from their wireless sound system, whatever the entertainment purpose and in any environment. The brand strives to ensure an unparalleled listening experience for users by enabling Sonos products to operate at their full potential. The extensive accessory range promises the customer the ability to perfectly position their Sonos speaker, whether it is by holding it at the optimum listening height with a stand, or by angling the sound in the perfect direction through use of a wall mount. 

Based in the UK, the company’s advanced distribution network allows the brand to sell their products in every country where Sonos speakers are available. 

Wall Mounts for Sonos

Designed and engineered in the UK, Flexson’s wall mounts provide a perfect solution in any installation scenario. Whether it’s creating an indoor set-up for listening to music with the Sonos One or Five speakers, or outdoors with the Sonos Move, Flexson has its customers covered with a suitable mounting device. If the goal is to achieve the ultimate home cinema experience, Flexson also provides the highest quality mounts for Sonos soundbars. 

With a bespoke design for every speaker in the Sonos range, each product is constructed of high grade steel to ensure safe and secure mounting of the audio device. Additionally, the unique tilting mechanism allows for perfect angling of the speaker and therefore the correct channelling of sound. For seamless integration with the aesthetics of any environment, the mounts are available in colours to match the Sonos speakers themselves. Not only this, they are also designed to be totally discreet and hide cables at entry. 

When it comes to home cinema with the Sonos Arc, Beam or Sub, Flexson has a variety of options for installation. The Adjustable Wall Mount for the Sonos Beam allows for a 180-degree tilt, enabling the user to angle the sound delivery in conjunction with what is being played on screen. Alternatively, for a sleek, flat-to-wall look, fixed mounts allow for the seamless installation of the soundbar above or below the screen. 

All Flexson wall mounts come with fixing hardware for brick/ masonry and wood/ studwork included, allowing for quick and easy set-up. 

Floor and Desk Stands for Sonos

If creating the perfect listening environment from a seated position is the desired outcome, Flexson caters for both floor and surface locations. Designed to be the perfect smart speaker accessory for any living space, Flexson floor stands hold the speaker at the ideal listening height and are easy to assemble, use and manoeuvre with adjustable carpet spikes and rubber feet for all floor types. A power extension cable is included so location options are expanded, but the clever design keeps all connecting cables out of sight to create a clean, streamlined look. Precision engineered in the UK, the products’ colours are designed to perfectly match each Sonos speaker for a seamless appearance. For a stylish addition to the home, the Premium Floor Stands are also available in a White/ English Oak and Black/ American Walnut finish. 

There is also the option of creating the perfect resting space for your speaker upon a raised surface such as a cabinet or desk, with stands for both The Sonos One, One SL and Five. Both these stands angle the sound to the ear and provide optimal support for the speaker.

TV accessories for Sonos

For those wanting an integrated television and soundbar solution, Flexson provides a variety of options. Customers are able to attach the soundbar to their existing television mount with a TV Mount Attachment, as well as purchase an all-in one mount for their television and their Sonos Arc or Beam. Whatever the viewing requirement, Flexson offers different levels of flexibility – from flat to wall mounts to motion brackets to align the TV and the soundbar at every angle. All have a super-slim 12mm design and are constructed from high grade steel, with precision engineering making them quick and easy to fit. 

Whatever the requirements for install, Flexson offers the highest quality solution at modest cost, and all are designed and engineered in The UK. For maximum results from the best wireless speakers on the market, shop Flexson at www.flexson.com


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