DemoPad Overview

DemoPad has the knowledge, expertise and product range whether your environment is residential, commercial or industrial. With a wealth of technologies developed in house over the last 20 years capable of facilitating a wide range of solution areas. These can be summarised as follows:

Control & Automation Software

DemoPad’s PC based designer software allows installers to create bespoke control and automation solutions with a fully customisable user interface running on iOS or Android devices. Almost any 3rd party IP device can be controlled, with full 2-way feedback, and non-IP devices can be controlled via their IP gateways. Commercial boardroom control systems, residential home systems or whole building lighting systems can all be deployed with the solution. DemoPad are also making available, free app based setup wizards which require no complex programming. Simply follow the intuitive on screen setup wizard and with a few clicks deploy a fully working solution.

Control & Automation Hardware

DemoPad's Centro range of control gateways allows non-IP devices to be controlled via Infra-Red, RS232 or contact closure interfaces. These gateways reside on a standard IP network and can be controlled via DemoPad’s, or any other 3rd party control system. DemoPad also has linux based processor units which add automation and intelligence to deployed solutions, as well as interfacing with DemoPad’s cloud offering. Time and/or event based actions can occur automatically, with logic based rules driven either locally or remotely. Add the ability to control via popular voice activation systems or standard IR remote controls, and you have a truly flexible hardware offering. New for 2020 is the upcoming Centro-Nano, a USB stick sized WiFi module which connects to the local network and can be controlled locally or via the cloud, for RS232 and IP control of devices.

Cloud Computing

New for 2020 is DemoPad’s ground breaking secure scalable cloud platform for system deployment, data analysis and intelligent pro-active system intervention. Centro devices are registered securely, and projects can be deployed to multiple devices with ease. Data collected from each Centro is logged and can be analysed in graphical or tabular form, and also actions can be taken based on the state of the data. For example, if the system recognises that certain IP devices have been powered down, or AV equipment set to an incorrect input, the cloud can automatically rectify this based on its powerful rule engineer and also notify an installer automatically via email or other means that there may be an issue on site. The installer can then log on to the cloud to see a dashboard view of any offline devices or system issues, and take steps to rectify manually. The architecture of the cloud system is such that security, scalability and availability are core inbuilt features.

Digital Signage Software / Hardware

DemoPad has a comprehensive cloud based digital signage configuration platform, which allows users to deploy content to various web based devices, including DemoPad’s own Android based digital signage player. This player can take cloud content, plus a local HDMI input source, and display both on screen (PIP). By utilising attribute based rules you can decide which content is shown at which times and on which players. Cloud content is downloaded locally to the player device automatically, allowing it to continue to function even without internet connection. Custom messages can be immediately incorporated into the signage content via a simple web based text entry form, allowing end-users to modify the content with ease from their mobile device. The system is designed to facilitate mass scale deployment across multiple sites with ease, whilst still maintaining granular control if required.

OEM / Bespoke Solutions

The real advantage of DemoPad can be seen when the above solution areas converge to create a truly powerful bespoke offering. DemoPad have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to deliver such solutions, which incorporate interactive digital signage, control, cloud data and automation. Contact us to find out how you can deliver world class solutions - the DemoPad approach is not a game changer, it is a whole new genre. WWW.DEMOPAD.COM


Connected Distribution in control with DemoPad

Connected Distribution in control with DemoPad

posted on Tuesday, 10th April 2018 by Geny Caloisi
Easy to program control solution now available from Cheltenham distributor

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