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posted on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013 by David Slater

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Exceptional functionality, state of the art system control and unbridled imagination: all three are key to the success of this stunning four bedroom home custom installation designed and executed by the experts at Smartcomm.

The owner was no stranger to home automation, and was looking for someone to really knock the ball out of the park for his new build. 24 months in the making, and budgeted at £500,000, system designer and Smartcomm managing director Steven Worrell did just that. Multiple AV systems had to be integrated alongside gate and intercom control, blinds and curtains automation, HVAC and an elborate water feature.

A sophisticated Crestron network lies at the heart of the property. There are touch panels in nearly every room, which in conjunction with wireless remote controls, manage sound, vision and lighting. Naturally, resident iPads also sport the Crestron app for additional access.

A Crestron TPMC-V12 12-inch widescreen touch panel has been located in the kitchen, with a 15-inch TPMC-V15 in the dressing room and a 9-inch TPMC-9 Tilt tabletop panel in the study; all three allow overall access to controlled elements throughout the property. Users can instantly disable the lighting, audio, video and AC in any room of the house, when they know the space isn't occupied.

Security borders on James Bond territory: the door panel contains a wide angled lens camera with day/night switch over, coded keypad, microphone and speaker and a stainless steel call button. Home owners can see and chat with whoever is at the door from any of the various Crestron panels. The video image pops up automatically when someone rings the bell, the audio can even be played throughout the house using the in-ceiling speakers. The system even incorporates a number plate recognition camera, able to recognise the owner's and anticipated guest vehicles. When a car approaches, the camera detects the number plate, and if recognised, automatically opens the main gate. When the owners' cars are recognised, their individual garage door will also open, ready for them to pull in.

Lighting design is a key feature throughout. The entrance hall has its own 'one touch' Welcome and Goodbye settings, while lights in less used rooms, such as the guest washroom and coatroom, are governed by motion sensors.

Sound and video distribution is handled by Crestron's Digital Media switcher.  In the games room, a 50-inch LG TV is mounted on a controllable bracket, which users can manoeuvre to avoid reflections and glare. A similar system is used for the smaller screen in the kitchen. In the master bedroom, the TV is actually parked within the ceiling. A press on a touch panel calls the set from behind a panel, and lowers it to face the bed (carefully missing the chandelier) - the owner simply didn't want the more familiar screen-lift-from bed approach, as he already had furniture purchased for the room.  The home cinema is dominated by an 85-inch Panasonic plasma monitor, coupled to a Sony Blu-ray player. Just what you need to watch the new Skyfall Blu-ray.

Other site highlights include a three tier garden water feature with spectacular lighting effects, and a wine cellar with unique underground area, accessed via a 12 foot vertical spiral stairwell, to keep those extra special bottles cool. The room temperature here is constantly monitored, naturally. 

And there's more to come. The masterplan will eventually see the Crestron control system integrated with the home owner's powerful telescope. Images of distant planets and galaxies will be stored in a digital library, viewable on panels around the property. This is apparently only the second project in the world that will integrate Crestron home automation with a telescope. Truly, this Smarthome is out of this world.

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