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posted on Tuesday, 22nd March 2016 by Steve May

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There’s more than one way to play music. Offering a compelling alternative to plaster-over invisible speakers, as well as traditional in-wall or architectural ceiling enclosures, is the SSP6 Mulitducer (that’s to say Multifunctional Transducer) from Revolution Acoustics. It’s Hi-Fi, but not as we know it. Distribution is via RGB Communications.

Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer: Build quality and features
The SSP6 ship in pairs. The idea is that a pair of these sonic inductors can be affixed to pretty much any interior surface, transforming a building structure into a planar radiating speaker.

The SSP6 works with non absorbing surfaces. This includes metal and wood, but most likely plasterboard/drywall and glass. While residential and commercial projects spring to mind, they should also be uniquely appealing to marine specialists, who can deploy them where bulkhead space is limited and challenging environments make conventional audio solutions difficult to accommodate.

SSP6 Pack

Rev Loc (1)

Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer: Installation and Performance
Assembling the SSP6 literally takes just a few minutes, although there are slightly different techniques depending on the target structure. Every SSP6 comes with a mounting plate which uses a Rev-Loc universal screw (pictured above). Tightening it activates a Loctite super glue seal. The plate itself can be superglued or stuck with ultra high-bond tape to your chosen structural speaker wannabe. Captive standard bell wire is available join a run to your amplifier speaker terminals.

The multiducer itself is water and dust resistant, which certainly inspires confidence - an O-Ring seal on the Rev Loc earns the units its IP65 rating. The fact that these are solid state device adds another layer of service protection.

Inevitably performance is structure dependant, but I’m betting most integrators will be amazed when they first use them. Revolution Audio quotes a frequency response of 45Hz to 20KHz, but in truth, bass response is limited. Still there’s a fulsome note to the radiated sound which will have your clients trying to find the hidden speaker. That said, if you want to employ them for more mission critical listening, a subwoofer is certainly advisable.

For best results, an 100w-150w amplifier is recommended. The listening experience is quite different to conventional point source speakers. The transducers produce a wide dispersion pattern, less easy to localise and not particularly stereophonic, but perfectly suited to ambient sound.

Installation is relatively straightforward. The mounting plate is glued or taped to the required surface. Before committing to this, it’s probably worth testing the chosen surface first. A pair of French Doors I was eyeing up suffered from distortion. Who knew?

These transducers are nothing if not versatile. An SSP6 can be retrofitted inside a plasterboard wall, by creating a circular opening which can be later hidden by a cover plate. Alternatively, it can be installed on an exterior surface, with speaker cables to the amplifier tucked from sight. The actual transducer unit can be hidden from view using furniture, pot plants or magazine rack. A new build will doubtless offer more opportunities to operate out of view. Ultimately, the biggest challenge is finding discrete places where you can’t use these transducers.

SSp 6 Pair

Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer: Verdict
The SSP6 is a novel, exciting way to introduce non-invasive audio to a wide variety of potentially difficult environments; they’re highly recommended when the object of the exercise is to provide ethereal ambient sound rather than stereophonic listening. The transducer is quick to install, and provides a uniquely wide sound field. Unconventional perhaps, but the SSP6 will have you rethinking how you install audio.

Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer: Available now
List price: £840 (plus VAT)
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