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posted on Wednesday, 19th February 2014 by David Slater

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Invisible speaker evangelist Amina Technologies has launched what it describes as the ultimate plaster-over-speaker. Invisible enclosures are a hot topic in CI audio right now, so to learn if the plaster-over-speaker jungle does indeed have a new king, Inside CI paid a visit to Robert Taussig in central London where Amina has installed a pair of its new AIW750E Evolution series speakers.

Amina AIW750E Evolution Series: Technology
The AIW750E is a big deal for Amina. It comes to the market after some 12 months in development, and sports the very latest proprietary technologies from the brand. Opti-drive technology is used to optimally distribute the audio signal to the speaker's exciters to ensure the best possible high frequency clarity both on and off-axis. Opti-damping, meanwhile, is used to improve the low frequency extension and mid-range accuracy by selectively tuning discrete vibrational modes generated in the speaker's acoustic panel. Finally, Opti-modal tech utilises two separate acoustic panels, each operating over a different, fully optimised frequency range via a passive crossover. This theoretically delivers bandwidth, clarity and focus. There's some serious science at work here.

Amina AIW750E Evolution Series: Installation
The AIW750E itself comes as a two-box installation per pair of speakers. The low frequency speaker should be fitted low to the floor, or close to the ceiling, to help disseminate bass. The speaker itself is wired to the amplifier via an APU 750 external crossover protection unit. From the APU 750, a four-core cable goes to the AIW750E.

Installation of the back box is reassuringly easy and Amina has produced a great video resource on its web site covering this procedure. Stud wall installation is by far the simplest, installers simply need to cut the hole, slide in the speaker then screw through plasterboard into metal. The Amina panel then screws to the back box, allowing 2mm of skim to render to wall.

There are two varieties of back boxes in the range, the CV345 and CV200 are designed for use with stud walls, while the SW345 and SW200 are for solid walls. If you are also required to give fire protection, you can purchase a Hoody (which sells for £70) which will provide a 60-minute firebreak. So far so good.

Amina AIW750E Evolution Series: Performance
Now onto the important task of auditioning the speakers with a selection of tracks, Starting with dance hit Insomnia by Faithless. There is a defined level of bass and mid-range coming from the AIW750E pair that is rarely heard from plaster-over solutions. Highly impressive! Moving over to something easier on the ear we played cuts from Katie Melua, here the vocals and string instruments really came alive. The speed of these new panels is truly amazing, giving great stereo imaging. Pushing the volume up, the AIW750E performed with ease; the power handling is rated up to 200w with a frequency response between 50Hz - 20kHz. While the speakers handle bass well we would still recommend a subwoofer to be connected to the system, for really satisfying bass extension. This is particularly important if the system is being specified for home theatre duties.

Amina AIW750E Evolution Series: Verdict
Amina's faith in its new AIW750E series is well placed. The AIW750E pair (which includes 2x APU750 units) retail for £4020, so they're not cheap, but if you are looking for high-fidelity sound from no visible enclosure at all it's a pretty sweet solution for discerning audiophile clients. Indeed, we'd rate the Evolution range as currently the best sounding invisible speaker on the market. It really is a five-star performer.

For more on Amina Technologies plaster-over-speaker solutions visit our partner page here.

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