Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker elevates high-end audio to another level

posted on Wednesday, 4th December 2019 by Steve May

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Wilson Audio’s stunning new flagship speaker, the Chronosonic XVX, is now shipping through Absolute Sounds.

The brand’s top line offering (if you don’t count the build-to-order £700,000 WAMM Master Chronosonic), the new model embraces Wilson Audio's uncompromising design aesthetic, and artisan time aligned drivers, in a package that retails for a credit card melting £300,000.

The Chronosonic XVX upper array is configured using an MTMM (midrange, tweeter, midrange) arrangement. The all-new QuadraMag driver is partnered with a modified version of the 4-inch midrange to form the lower section of the array. A second QuadraMag midrange driver at the top of the array sits alongside a Convergent Synergy Mk.5 tweeter.

The construction of this array consists of an open-architecture Gantry system constructed from X-Material reinforced, ultra-high-grade aluminum. Triangulated cross-bracing and strategic use of X-Material composites have been used to improve rigidity and critical damping. A scalloped finish on the aluminum elements acts as a diffuser to minimise the XVX’s sonic signature.
Gantry grille covers are held in place by magnets, for easy removal.

The formidable floorstander employs a pair of ten- and twelve-inch woofers, housed in a low resonance enclosure.

29471_Chronosonic XVX (Olympia Pearl , Detail)

Designed by Daryl Wilson, the Chronosonic XVX is available in a wide range of colours, applied and finished in the automotive-class paint facility at Wilson Audio’s factory in Utah, USA.

The WilsonGloss multi-stage finish starts with a proprietary protective gel coat layer, followed by several layers of base colour. Then clear or satin coats are applied to the finish surface. All the paint surfaces are hand polished.

The Chronosonic XVX can also be custom-finished in any colour the customer requests.

29466_Chronosonic XVX (Cranberry Pearl)

Steve May

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