T+A extends flagship HV range with reference DACs and SACD/CD transport

posted on Friday, 8th March 2019 by Steve May

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T+A has announced three new additions to its high-end HV Series. The SD 3100 HV DAC and streamer and SDV 3100 HV DAC, streamer and analogue volume control, are joined by the PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD transport.

The SD 3100 HVD/A converter with streamer converts PCM signals at a maximum of 32-bit resolution and 768 kHz, while the True 1-bit converter achieves DSD 1024 (49.2 MHz).

The SD 3100 HV is described as the most powerful D/A converter that T+A has developed to date, and includes a completely new UAC3 USB receiver, capable of transferring sample rates up to PCM32 768 and native DSD1024.

Roon-Ready certification is in preparation. The unit is an ideal match of the new PDT 3100 HV transport. This connected to the SD 3100 HV via a newly developed data bus, the IPA Link. It also has a high-performance analogue headphone amplifier.

The SDV 3100 HV is distinguished by a relay-controlled volume control and one analogue input, enabling it to function as a pre-amplifier in a high-end audio system. In keeping with the T+A philosophy, both models are fitted with two separate mains sections for the analogue and digital sections, each of which features its own power supply.


T+A reports that the PDT 3100 HV is equipped with a new decoder / drive mechanism which reads and decodes discs without error . A top loading mechanism allows discs to be inserted without damage; they are retained by an anti-resonance puck. The PCM data acquired from the CD is routed to the optical, coaxial and BNC digital outputs, as well as the professional AES-EBU socket.

Unique to T+A, this output enables the device to interact with the the SDV 3100 HV and SD 3100 HV DACs.
The high-res IPA Link is capable of high-speed data transfer up into the Gigahertz range, says the company. It’s a proprietary connection which passes PCM and DSD data with bit-precision. Data isn’t transferred in the form of packets, instead the system passes a constant bitstream of unmodified raw data.

As with other HV components, the casework consists of solid aluminium components, some of which are machined from a solid billet.

The mechanism of the PDT 3100 HV is housed in a heavy sub-chassis machined from solid metal, for superior shielding and isolation.

All new HV models are supplied in flight cases. The SD 3100 HV will retail for £21,990, the SDV 3100HV is priced at £23,400 and the PDT 3100 HV transport £13,996.

Steve May

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