CEDIA 2017 talks focus on trends, new technologies and best business practices

posted on Thursday, 17th August 2017 by Geny Caloisi

CEDIA 2017  CEDIA talks 


CEDIA has unveiled the full line-up of its CEDIA Talks, to be held at the CEDIA Show, San Diego Convention Centre, on September 5-9. The free 20-minute sessions, available to all attendees at the CEDIA Booth (#3635), will give share critical insights on emerging trends, new technologies, and best business practices. 

"CEDIA Talks have become a big part of our overall program at the CEDIA show and I think the reason for their continued popularity is two-fold: One, they are easy to fit into an otherwise busy schedule, all you need is 20 minutes; and two, the content covered in CEDIA Talks is second only to CEDIA training. We've got some of our best CEDIA instructors and industry visionaries providing insight," said Dave Pedigo, CEDIA VP of Emerging Technologies. 

Twelve CEDIA Talks will take place over Thursday 7th September and Friday 8th September. The line-up for these free 20-minute sessions is as follows:

Thursday 7th September

10:30am. What Virtual and Augmented Reality Mean to Home Technology Professionals
Speaker: Rich Green, Rich Green Design

11:00am.Don't Miss the GAFA Opportunity
Speaker: Bruno Napoli, Krika

11:30am. Be Bold, Be Different, Take a Gamble: The Art of Guerrilla Marketing for the CEDIA Channel
Speaker: Joe Whitaker, The Thoughtful Home

12:30pm. The History of the Smart Home: Twenty Years of Poor User Experiences
Speaker: Miles Kingston, Intel

1:00pm. Fear the Dark Side, Do Not! Expand Your Empire with Lighting Controls 
Speaker: Sam Woodward, Lutron

1:30pm. Analogue Aging in a Digital Age
Speaker: Laura Mitchell, LMC

2:00pm. Delivering a Compelling Home Control Offering: What MUST That Look Like in Three Years?
Speaker: Mitchell Klein, Z-Wave Alliance

Friday 8th September

11:00am. How to Work with the Design/Build Community
Speaker: Jay Miller, Acoustic Innovations

1:00pm. The A to Z of A(ugmented)
Speaker: Peter Aylett, Archimedia

1:30pm. Why Do My LED Lamps Flicker When Dimming? And How to Achieve Success!
Speaker: Sam Woodward, Lutron

2:00pm.  Finding Friction: Profit By Orienting Your Business Around Customer Pain Points
Speaker: Henry Clifford, Livewire

2:30pm.  Brand Evangelism Online: Have You Gone Fully Digital
Speaker: Laura Mitchell, LMC

Full descriptions for each CEDIA Talk can be found under the special events section at www.cedia.net/show.

CEDIA 2017 will be hosted at the San Diego Convention Centre on 5-9th September, and the tradeshow floor will open from 7-9th September. Registration is open at www.cedia.net/show

Geny Caloisi

Geny Caloisi is an accomplished technology journalist who has worked in a variety of AV industry publications. 

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