Polk unveils Monitor XT speakers for Hi-Fi and cinema

posted on Tuesday, 24th August 2021 by Steve May

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Polk Audio has launched its Monitor XT Series, a complete Hi-Res Audio-certified and Dolby Atmos-compatible speaker line-up for hi-fi or home cinema.

The new Monitor XT Series represents the evolution of Polk Audio's Monitor speaker line, but takes advantage of advances in woofers, tweeters, crossovers, and cabinetry, all designed to deliver dynamic, lifelike sound and effortless bass from today’s high-resolution and Dolby Atmos streaming services.

Upgrades include Hi-Res Audio Certified Terylene dome tweeters said to faithfully reproduce audio beyond 40kHz, for enhanced space and extreme clarity.

The floor-standing models also boast balanced woofers paired with responsive passive radiators.

The Monitor XT Series lineup includes two floor-standing towers, slim and full-size center channels, two bookshelf models, a 12-inch powered subwoofer and a height module for immersive surround sound. The MXT90 height speakers can be placed atop the Monitor XT20, XT60 or XT70 loudspeakers, or a shelf, or wall-mounted.

All Monitor XT Series speakers are timbre-matched to provide consistent sound in any array.

The Monitor XT12 powered subwoofer features a100-Watt Class A/B amplifier, that drop bass down to 24Hz. Connections include line-level and LFE inputs for use with AVRs. All models are finished in Midnight Black.

Polk _Monitor _XT_70_Hi -Fi _002_Web

 “Monitor XT provides all listeners an entry point into Polk Audio's 50 years' worth of experience building iconic loudspeakers that deliver clarity, high-output and effortless bass,” said Frank Sterns, president of Polk Audio.

“As high-resolution audio is becoming the norm on music streaming services and 'Direct to Streaming' movie releases in Dolby Atmos proliferate, Monitor XT offers consumers an affordable way to take advantage of improved quality source material.” Sterns added.

Monitor XT Series prices
XT12 Powered Subwoofer – £299
XT15 Bookshelf – £149 per pair
XT20 Bookshelf – £249 per pair
XT30 Center Channel – £169 per pair
XT35 Center Channel (slim) – £199
XT60 Tower – £349 per pair
XT70 Tower – £499 per pair
XT90 Height Channel – £179 per pair

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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