Polk Audio intros premium Reserve Series loudspeakers

posted on Wednesday, 24th March 2021 by Steve May

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Polk Audio has unveiled the Reserve Series, a nine-strong loudspeaker range for Hi-Fi and home cinema applications.

The new models use technology trickled down from its flagship Legend series, including Pinnacle Ring Radiator tweeters and Turbine Cone Midrange drivers.

The new models boast IMAX Enhanced certification and are available in matte black and matte white finishes.

The series consists of three floor standing models, three centre channels, two bookshelf speakers and a wall-and speaker-mountable height module. All have matching transducers and consistent voicing.

The centre channel speakers are available in three sizes: the R300 centre channel is designed to fit in most AV cabinets, while the R350 is only 139mm tall, and is wall mountable.

The R900 is Polk’s first height speaker module, designed to be placed on the floor standing speakers or wall mounted. The height module features a toggle switch, which tunes the speaker for the application, whether that be on-speaker or wall mounted.

“While Reserve does use the same transducers as Legend, it also features multiple new developments of its own, including a new patent-pending X-Port filter and advanced cabinet construction to minimize undesirable resonances” says Scott Orth, director of audio and acoustical systems at Polk Audio. “In return, you get a classic Polk Audio loudspeaker that is amazingly balanced, offers an expansive sound stage, detailed imaging, smooth mid-range and deep effortless bass.”

The brand’s Pinnacle Ring Radiator tweeter features a finely tuned waveguide, which dramatically improves the dispersion of high frequency energy, ensuring a broad sweet spot. A Hi-Res certified driver, the Pinnacle Tweeter is designed for two-channel music listening as well as immersive audio.

 Polk Audio’s patent-pending X-Port technology, which uses a set of closed-pipe absorbers precisely tuned to eliminate unwanted cabinet and port resonances. X-Port is said to be most beneficial to the lower mid-range, ensuring balanced, clean mid-bass for amazing detail and dynamics. X-Port is found on all vented models in the Reserve Series.

Power Port 2.0, found in the R600 and R700 floor standing models, is a Polk-patented loudspeaker port application that enables bass frequencies to extend more deeply and at higher output levels than traditional ported speakers. The Power Port 2.0 combines the new X-Port and Enhanced Power Port design into a unique loudspeaker application.

 Polk Reserve Series pricing in full:

R100 Bookshelf - £499 pair
R200 Bookshelf - £649 pair
R300 Centre Channel - £399
R350 Slim Centre Channel - £499
R400 Centre Channel - £599
R500 Tower - £1,199
R600 Tower - £1,399
R700 Tower - £1,999
R900 Height Module - £499 pair

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