Panasonic reveals HLG HDR compatible reference grade EZ1002 4K OLED TV at CES 2017

posted on Wednesday, 4th January 2017 by Steve May

Panasonic  4K  OLED  HDR  HLG 


Panasonic has unveiled a second generation OLED flatpanel at CES 2017, which it says features its most advanced picture processor yet. The 65-inch TX-65EZ1002 (to be known as the EZ1000 in Germany) can output around double the peak brightness of a conventional OLED, at 800 nits, and “can deliver almost the full DCI colour space widely accepted as being a critical component in producing a truly authentic high dynamic range (HDR) picture.” In addition to HDR10 (PQ), the EZ1002 will support the new Hybrid Log Gamma HDR format, which will be used by the BBC, Sky and other broadcasters.

At the heart of the set is the Studio Colour HCX2 processor, which employs 3D look-up tables similar to those used by Panasonic’s professional filmmaking and broadcast monitor division.

The HCX2 processor also combats low picture detail in near-blacks.  To deliver deep black OLED pixels are essentially switched off - but switching them back on again requires quite a large physical jump in TV technology terms, says the brand. The company says it uses techniques developed from its experience with plasma TVs to compensate for this OLED characteristic. 

To further enhance contrast, the panel has an Absolute Black Filter to absorb ambient light and reflections. The company also claims to have eliminated the magenta tone that sometimes appears to affects other OLED screens in bright room conditions.

Panasonic TV TX_65EZ_1000 Angled View

Panasonic says it intends to continue its collaboration with Hollywood colourist Mike Sowa, to fine tune the EZ1002 before its launch in June, to ensure that it accurately delivers the filmmakers’ original intentions.

The 65-inch TX-65EZ1002 features a ‘Dynamic Blade Speaker,’ tuned by the engineers of the company’s  acclaimed audio brand, Technics. The 80w soundbar features 14 multiple speaker units (eight woofers, four squawkers and two tweeters, plus a quad passive radiator to boost bass). Technics has been involved at every stage of the Dynamic Blade Speaker’s development, from mechanical and electrical circuit design through to sound tuning.

The TX-65EZ1002 will also offer a number of semi-professional features. Professional users will be able to upload their own colour 3D look-up tables by SD/USB memory. Panasonic says will allow the screen to be used in professional studio mastering suites, with complete compatibility between studios. It also supports Imaging Science Foundation (isf) calibration settings and compatibility with the Portrait Displays CalMAN calibration system. 

The EZ1002 is also lined up for THX certification, as well as  ‘Ultra HD Premium’ branding. 

The EZ1002 will also feature the newly developed My Home Screen 2.0 smart system (derived from the original Firefox TV OS).  The new OS introduces a favourites folders for multiple users, while a My App button on the remote that can be customised for faster access to favourite content. The EZ1002 will support 4K HDR streaming from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. There’s also a revamped Media Player app that supports 4K HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma content.

The set employs the 2017 spec version of Freeview Play, which introduces new search/recommendation tools and a Quick Look Guide that shows past, live and future TV programs for the current channel. Also included are live thumbnails of what’s showing on other channels.

The TX-65EZ1002 includes Control4's Simple Device Discovery Protocol and is pending Connects with Control4 Certification. Also, the OLED TV will be submitted to Creston to obtain Crestron Certification.

The TX-65EZ1002 will launch in Europe in June 2017, price TBA.

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