Netatmo intros Welcome and Presence Smart Home security cameras with artificial intelligence

posted on Wednesday, 21st June 2017 by Steve May

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Netatmo has introduced Welcome and Presence, two next generation smart security cameras which integrate artificial intelligence into their monitoring functionality.

Presence, pictured above, is a networkable outdoor security camera which can replace any existing PIR light. It distinguishes between people, cars and animals, and analyses in real-time if someone is loitering around the home. If anything suspicious is detected in the monitored area, it can send notifications to a smartphone. The smart floodlight of the camera can be manually switched on directly via the app, or set to light up when it detects a person, car or animal.

Presence only requires a power source. It is Wi-Fi enabled and records images to an integrated SD card.

Welcome is an indoor security camera which uses facial recognition to separate burglars and intruders from approved occupants. The device (pictured below), sends a notification saying that an intruder has been detected in the home, complete with a picture of their face and a video of the intruder. When Welcome detects familiar faces, partners, children or grandparents, it sends a notification with their names directly to the app.

Camera -lifestyle -HD Small

The cylindrical Welcome is also able to detect acoustic alarms, sending users a notification and recorded video footage when it hears the smoke alarm, CO alarm, security alarm or siren go off.

The Welcome camera can even distinguish pet movements. Users can deactivate alerts for motion caused by pets in order to avoid receiving notifications each time their pet passes in front of the camera. Of course, if you want to keep an eye on your pets shenanigans…

The Welcome can be networked via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Default storage is on a local SD card. A partnership with Dropbox also allows footage to be automatically uploaded to a Dropbox account. Both cameras can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit.

The Presence camera retails for £250, Welcome sells for £200.

The security devices join a Weather Station, climate monitor and Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves, designed by Philip Starck.

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