MQA hardware rising at Munich High End show 2017

posted on Wednesday, 17th May 2017 by Steve May

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MQA has an extensive list of activity at this year's Munich High End show. Following its adoption by Tidal, the new Hi-Res Audio format's hardware partners now include AudioQuest, CanEVER Audio, dCS, Esoteric, IAG, Krell, Lumin, Mark Levinson, MOON by Simaudio, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, TEAC and Wadax.

Jim Garrett, Director, Marketing & Product Management, at Mark Levinson commented: “We are proud to announce the addition of MQA playback support to our Mark Levinson No. 519 Audio Player. The ability to offer our customers the highest level of fidelity is paramount to our brand and MQA is a natural extension of that approach.”

Audiolab and Quad will launch several products with MQA integrated at the show, including their premium 8300 and Artera ranges respectively. IAG’s engineers have spent additional development time to ensure that existing customers will have the option to upgrade their current 8300 or Artera DAC board to make them MQA compatible.

Additionally, Krell is planning to include MQA in its Digital Vanguard Integrated Amplifier and Vanguard Universal DAC products. This week AudioQuest is releasinga free firmware update for its DragonFly Black (pictured above) and DragonFly Red portable USB DACs, enabling playback of all MQA files. This update is the first implementation of the MQA rendering technology, making an AudioQuest DragonFly Black or Red the perfect and affordable complement to MQA-ready streaming services.

StreamUnlimited is implementing MQA into their modular software solution, StreamSDK. “We are proud to be able to partner with a company and a product developed with such a passion for music, and look forward to helping our brand customers and manufacturers include this technology in their new product lines,” commented Frits Wittgrefe, CEO of StreamUnlimited. Conversdigital will also be implementing MQA into its mconnect module and are already in discussions with many manufacturers on the implementation work.

MQA will be demonstared by Aurender, Bel Canto, Bluesound, NAD, Brinkmann, Meridian, MSB, Mytek, Onkyo, Pioneer and Technics at the show. Commenting on the expanding availability of high resolution audio products and services powered by MQA, Mark Piibe, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development and Digital Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment says: “As a long-running supporter of MQA’s high resolution audio solutions, we are encouraged to see a growing number of digital service providers and consumer hardware companies adopting MQA technology to make studio sound quality from Sony Music artists available to streaming music consumers.”

MQA events at Munich High-End at a glance

AudioQuest – A4 E122 [DragonFly Black and DragonFly Red portable USB DACs
Aurender – A4.1 F108 Audio Components room [A10 demonstration]
Bel Canto – Hall 3 J07, Taurus High-End [ACI 600 on display, but no demonstrations.) 
Bluesound and NAD – A3 C112 [Full Bluesound range and M32, M50.2
Brinkmann – A4 E108 [Brinkmann Nyquist]

Zero Uno Can Ever Crop

CanEVER Audio – Halle 3 K08 [ZeroUno DAC + ZeroUno PLUS] 
dCS – A4.2 F209 [Rossini CD Player preview demonstration on request] 
Esoteric – A4.1 E118, A4.1 E119 [Will be integrating MQA in N-05 Network Audio Player] 
IAG – Halle 3 L07 
Krell Vanguard Crop

Krell – A3.1 D111 Audio Reference room [Will be integrating MQA in Digital Vanguard integrated amplifier + Vanguard Universal DAC] 
Lumin – Hall 4, W10 booth [Preview demonstration of Lumin S1] 
Mark Levinson – A4.1 F119 Harman Lifestyle Audio [Will be integrating MQA in the No. 519 Audio Player]
 Meridian – A3 D111 Audio Reference room [Ultra DAC and preview of the new 218]
MOON by Simaudio – A4.1 F114 [Prototype of 780D playing MQA files from a computer] 
MSB – A4 E221 [Select DAC and New Reference DAC] Mytek – Halle 2 E08 [Brooklyn, Manhattan 2 plus preview of Clef demo]
Onkyo and Pioneer – A4 E119 [Pioneer XDP-100R / XDP-300R / Onkyo DPX1]
Pro-Ject Audio Systems – Halle 3 L02 [Preview demonstration of Pre Box S2 Digital, DAC Box S2+ and Head Box S2 Digital] 
TEAC – A4.1 E118, A4.1 E119 [Will be implementing MQA in NR7 CD Player] 
Technics – A3 C114 [SU-G30 with beta firmware for TIDAL integration]
Wadax – A4.1 E106 [MQA module for Atlantis Digital Line will be in static display] 

In addition, MQA founder Bob Stuart will be holding talks on May 19-20.

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology specialist who also writes for T3TechRadarHome Cinema Choice, Trusted Reviews and The Luxe Review.

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