Monitor Audio unveils premium but affordable Silver Series speakers for Hi-Fi and AV

posted on Tuesday, 23rd May 2017 by Steve May

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Monitor Audio has announced a comprehensive new line of Silver Series loudspeakers for Hi-Fi and home theatre use. Unveiled at Munich High End, the nine strong range comprises two compact stand-mount options and a choice of three slimline floorstanders, as well as a wall-mount rear channel speaker and two centre channel speakers.

The Silver Series range also includes a powered subwoofer, able to deliver bass down to 22 Hz. Cosmetic refinements include magnetic grille fixings on all models, and rear-mounted proprietary HiVe II ports.

“We’ve created a new visual character in the Silver Series”, says Monitor Audio’s Technical Director, Dean Hartley. “Adopting a less is more approach, we have evaluated every component and redesigned from the ground up.”

He says part of the design work involved the use of highly accurate laser scanning equipment at the world-renowned National Physical Laboratory to ensure optimum cabinet bracing. The series features new versions of its C-CAM dished cone, made from a single piece of ceramic coated aluminium/magnesium alloy. The Silver 300 and Silver 500 floorstanders feature a newly created teardrop shaped mid-range/tweeter module.

The Silver 50 is the smallest enclosure in the line-up, it’s a two-way bass-reflex design featuring a 5 1/4-inch bass/mid-range unit and 25 mm Gold Dome C-CAM tweeter.

It’s joined by the Silver 100, which combines the same tweeter with an 8-inch C-CAM mid/bass driver. “

Three floorstanders are offered in the new Silver line-up: the Silver 200, Silver 300 and Silver 500. The hybrid Silver 200 is acoustically and electrically a two-and-a-half-way dual chamber reflex design. It boasts twin HiVe II ports as well as two 5 ¼-inch C-CAM drive units for bass and mid-bass frequencies, alongside a new 25 mm Gold Dome tweeter. 

The Silver 300 boasts a 4-inch driver featuring an ‘under hung’ voice coil and motor system for low distortion. A pair of long-throw bass drivers work in tandem for maximum bass extension. Integrators can place the speaker 30 cm from a wall. 

The range-topping Silver 500 has a pair of long-throw 8-inch C-CAM bass drivers, able to drop to 30 Hz. Mid-range is handled by a dedicated 4-inch RST driver.

Home theatre installations are catered for with a choice of two centre speakers: a wall-mountable compact for rear channel use; and a subwoofer with top mounted control panel of EQ settings for Music, Movie and Impact.

The Silver FX is an angled baffle speaker intended to be flush mounted on side or rear walls. Its dispersion characteristics can be changed via a switch, offering dipole or bipole directivity in multi-channel systems. Dual 25 mm Gold Dome C-CAM tweeters are combined with a Monitor Audio 6-inch C-CAM mid/bass driver.

The Silver C150 and larger Silver C350 provide two centre channel options. The first is a compact design with twin 5 1/4inch C-CAM bass drivers in a three-driver configuration, alongside a 25 mm Gold Dome tweeter in a two-and-a-half-way sealed system. It would typically be partnered with the Silver 50 and Silver 200 models.

The larger Silver C350, with a three-way, four-driver configuration, would be matched with the Silver 100, Silver 300 and Silver 500 models.

The Silver W-12 subwoofer is a sealed cabinet design with a long-throw 12-inch drive unit, driven by a 500 W Class-D amplifier.

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