Monitor Audio moves into ‘invisible’ loudspeaker market, announces audiophile grade IV140 concealed speaker

posted on Friday, 20th January 2017 by Steve May

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Monitor Audio has announced its first ‘concealed’ loudspeaker, the IV140. This 'invisible' enclosure is suitable for home cinema, distributed audio, hospitality, retail and commercial background music applications. The model is intended for in-wall and in-ceiling use.

The loudspeaker is just 95mm deep (83.5mm fitting depth), so can sit within conventional 4-inch stud bays, leaving enough room for cabling or within ceilings. Once skimmed with plaster, the speaker can be finished with paint, light wallpaper or fabric says the brand. The result is impossible to spot, it adds.

Monitor Audio IV140 Prduct Crop

The Monitor Audio IV140 features a large low-frequency exciter for high power bass, along with two high frequency exciters, with Neo magnets and 30mm voice coils, which are bonded to a flat, soft polymer membrane surface to produce sound vibration. This two-way design also features an integrated crossover in the same way as a conventional high performance speaker to generate a wider frequency range. Sensitivity is rated at  82dB. Power handling is 50W (full range) or 100W using an 80Hz High Pass filter.

A hybrid MDF back box design also isolates sound, reducing leakage from the rear of the speaker, and ensures consistent performance, regardless of placement. The design effectively limits low frequency below 75Hz. Typically the IV140 would be coupled with a subwoofer in a home cinema environment. For projects where more low frequency extension is required, the rear cover can be removed to create an open back speaker.

The IV140 is protected against overload by automatic re-setting circuit breakers (PTC). These attenuate output for a specific time period to allow the system to cool until normal operation can safely resume.

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The plaster-over sector of the CI loudspeaker market has grown dramatically over the past 18 months.“Architects, designers and clients are increasingly attracted to the benefits of an invisible audio soundstage,” explains Monitor Audio’s Technical Director Dean Hartley. “A completely concealed solution appeals where there is demand for audio in the home, in hospitality, commercial and public applications but also where it’s paramount to preserve the integrity of the interior aesthetic. Using all our forty years’ experience, we’ve built the IV140 to bring both ultimate discretion and audiophile performance to the invisible speaker category.”

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