McIntosh unveils stunning XRT2.1K nanocarbon driver tech loudspeaker

posted on Friday, 15th December 2017 by Steve May

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McIntosh has announced the XRT2.1K loudspeaker. The 2.13m speaker is a full-range design that uses new Nanocarbon Fibre/Nomex Honeycomb drive units, which have been specifically created for the project.

A 4-way design, it uses a total of 81 drivers consisting of six 8-inch bass drivers, two 6.5-inch low frequency midrange units, twenty-eight 2-inch upper midrange units and forty-five three-quarter-inch tweeters. The XRT2.1K retails for £137,500 per pair.

Rated to handle upwards of 2,000 watts, the XRT2.1K is said to represent the next evolution of McIntosh home audio speakers.

Removable speaker grilles are attached via magnets and feature black knit-cloth with high-gloss trim. Separate pairs of gold-plated Solid Cinch binding posts are available for the mid/high, low and subwoofer frequencies to allow for tri-amping or tri-wiring.

XRT2 Crop (1)

Nanocarbon Fibre/Nomex Honeycomb drivers, designed specifically for the XRT2.1K, control the bass frequencies and are housed in their own bass enclosure cabinet. Located on the line array are McIntosh’s aluminium/magnesium upper-frequency midrange and tweeter drivers, which have been specially customised for the XRT2.1K and feature powerful neodymium magnets.

It adopts McIntosh line array speaker principles to produce an even sound dispersion pattern, said to be exceptionally smooth and wide.

XRT2.1K Mid -Woofer Close Up 1 Hi Res

A reinforced bass cabinet uses a combination of brushed and black aluminium, and is finished with seven layers of high-gloss piano-black paint. The line array mimics the timeless McIntosh front panel appearance with a glossy black centre section and two silver aluminium end caps. The McIntosh logo on the front of the base plate can be illuminated green with the use of McIntosh’s Power Control technology found in the amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amplifier and other products.

The McIntosh XRT2.1K will be available in the UK early 2018. Distribution is via Jordan Acoustics.

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