Mark Levinson debuts ultra high-end No. 519 audiophile CD and file player

posted on Friday, 27th January 2017 by Steve May

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Mark Levinson has introduced a new ultra high-end CD and media player, the No. 519. The component, which retails fro £21,000, plays a wide variety of digital audio formats, from CD to High-Res Audio and offers a full complement of wired and wireless digital audio inputs. Distribution is via Karma-AV.

Connectivity includes asynchronous USB, Ethernet, optical and coaxial digital inputs, and balanced audio. The unit is Wi-Fi enabled and supports aptX Bluetooth. 

The player also boasts a Class-A main drive headphone output for up to 32-ohm headphones, and integrated digital volume control. The latter allows integrators to set the unit up as a standalone music playback device connected directly to a power amplifier or active loudspeakers. Selectable low-pass filtering enables the unbalanced outputs to be used with a subwoofer.

Mark -levinson -519-front -crop -rgb _32463952495_o

Harman _ml -519 Rear View

File support includes 32-bit/192kHz PCM and double-speed DSD. Proprietary Clari-Fi music restoration technology is used on low bit-rate sources. A Precision Link DAC, with three selectable filter settings, incorporates an ESS Sabre32 Reference converter.

The No. 519 features a 6000-series aluminium housing in black with silver trim. Beneath the hood, a Mark Levinson Pure Path circuit design with a discrete, direct coupled, fully balanced, dual-monaural signal path.

The No. 519 runs on an embedded Precision Stream Linux platform running a custom Mark Levinson version of the operating system. Embedded streaming music services include Spotify Connect, Tidal, QOBUZ, Deezer and Napster, as well as Internet radio services.

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The Mark Levinson No. 519 is designed and engineered at Harman’s Engineering Centre of Excellence in Shelton, USA.

For more news stories about Karma-AV’s extensive Hi-Fi and home cinema product range, visit our partner page here. For more news on Harman’s audio solutions, click here

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