Loewe unveils Bild 5 modular OLED HDR 4K TV, perfect for custom installation

posted on Thursday, 6th July 2017 by Steve May

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Loewe has announced a third OLED 4K UHD TV for 2017, the Bild 5. Designed by Loewe’s creative director Bodo Sperlein, the set is supposedly inspired by retro Sixties décor, but has one form factor option that will delight custom installers: it can be supplied in modular form, for integration into bespoke AV systems. The set was unveiled at a media event in London this week, which allowed Inside CI to get a closer view.

Image quality appears high, with profound contrast, enhanced by OLED’s characteristic deep black performance and lush colours. There are two finishes available, Silver Oak, and Piano Black. With the panel-only iteration, the finish appears as an accent strip. Alternatively it’s available with a stunning furniture grade tripod stand (pictured below) that incorporates a sound bar.

“We are one of the first television manufacturers who have started using natural materials again such as wood, and in turn transformed the television set into an object,” says Sperlein.

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The panel itself is just 4.9mm thick, while the soundbar is rated at 80w. The screen supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Other niceties include a built-in 5.1 multi-channel decoder, with the option of a subwoofer.

The set isn’t big on connectivity, but integrated apps will include BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video and YouTube. As yet, there is no Netflix integration, although Loewe UK Marketing Manager Charlie Cann hinted that could be resolved. Speaking to Inside CI, Cann he also suggested that the modular design of the Build 5 would make it a firm favourite with custom integrators. “We know it’s what AWE’s customers have been waiting for,” he told us. When pushed, Cann was coy about a possible firmware update to Freeview Play later this year.

The Bild 5 OLED is available in two sizes, 55- and 65-inches.  Retail prices start from £2,990, for the 55-inch panel only iteration.

For more news stories about AWE’s product portfolio, visit our resource page here.

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