Loewe rebrands speaker line as Klang, launches Klang 1 satellites for TV audio

posted on Wednesday, 26th October 2016 by Steve May

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Loewe has dropped a klanger. The German TV manufacturer is stepping up its audio offerings with a new line of loudspeakers designated Klang (klang means ‘sound’ in German). The Klang 1 is a pair of satellite speakers designed for both stereo and surround sound duties.

The cylindrical Klang 1 is covered with black acoustic material, with no visible screws or fixings. A choice of dedicated stand options – wall-mount, integrated table base or stainless steel floor stand (pictured above) – allow the satellites to be accommodated in most rooms.

The unit measures just 17.7 x 9.5 x 9.5cm. Inside is a three-inch full-range drive unit.    

4650_Loewe _klang _1_with _Subwoofer _300_and _Loewe _TV Crop

Typically, the Klang 1 would be partnered with a Loewe active subwoofer, like the recently launched Subwoofer 300. This features three 15cm bass drivers – one active unit driven by 150 watts of built-in amplification and two passive radiators – plus further onboard amp modules delivering 2 x 75W to drive a pair of stereo speakers.

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Integrated with a Loewe TV with onboard Dolby Digital/DTS decoding, and the system grows into a full home cinema solution.  The TV acts as the centre speaker in a 3.1 configuration, with a pair of Klang 1s for the left/right channels, powered by the Subwoofer 300’s built-in amplification. Add another pair of Klang 1s, and a second Subwoofer 300, and you’ll have a full 5.2 surround sound system, without the need for any aditional processing or amplification.

The Klang 1 is priced at £450 per pair. 
4648_Loewe _klang _1 Crop (1)

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