LG intros Music Flow wireless multi-room audio system

posted on Friday, 29th August 2014 by Steve May

Multi-room  Network audio 


LG is the latest CE major to jump onto the Wi-Fi multi-room audio system bandwagon. The new LG Music Flow system comprises a trio of speakers, the 30w H3, 50w H5 (pictured above) and 70w H7, as well as compatible HS6 soundbar and R1 network bridge. As well as a companion Music Flow Player app for iOS and Android to drive the system, there's support for NFC one-touch device hook-up.

The Music Flow Player app provides access to networked devices and cloud music services such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster and TuneIn; it also doubles as a smartphone music player. A Mood Station feature will automatically create a playlist to create specific ambience. There's also system support for hi-res 24 bit/192kHz audio file playback.

The Music Flow system employs both mesh network technology and dual band Wi-Fi to prevent signal disruption, and uses a proprietary Automatic Loudness Compensation Algorithm to maintain uniform signal strength and (presumably) synchronisation. The HS6 soundbar boasts a Stereo Field Extension (SFX) algorith to create a wider sweet spot.

Songs can be played into all zones using the Multi-room mode, or individual tracks directed to different rooms. Music Flow speakers can also perform in a stereo left/right configuration or multichannel using the Home Cinema mode. 

Intriguingly, the Music Flow system also incorporates HomeChat, a voice interface that uses the instant messaging app Line. Using HomeChat, users can remotely review playlist recommendations and schedule songs to play as soon as they arrive home.

Byung-hoon Min, senior VP of LG's Home Entertainment AV division, says the system "can create a personal soundtrack that not only follows the listener from room to room, but also when the user enters the home. LG engineers have set a whole new standard by introducing features and functions to the wireless audio system category that have never been available before on competing units."


According to Dawn Stockell, Head of Brand Marketing for LG, multiroom wireless audio is the "inevitable extension of the convergence of Smart devices into the Smart home. With consumer lifestyles increasingly dependent on Wi-Fi there is an expectation for all devices to support their connected environment. "

Stockell told Inside CI that there's now a clear consumer demand to share songs to various speakers in the same home, and at the same time perform other functional tasks.  "This is why LG Music Flow is the first product to include both Dual Band Wi-Fi as well as proprietary mesh technology, allowing for larger data transfer at 5G Hz that's also more stable," she said.

The wireless audio market has become of one the big home entertainment success stories of 2014. According to data released by Futuresource Consulting, Q1 saw the overall audio segment share of wireless audio products increase from 74 per cent to 79 per cent, with wireless speakers shipping six million units over the period, a growth of 11 per cent YOY. 

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