LG and Panasonic OLED TVs voted Best of The Year at Crampton & Moore HDTVTest 2017 TV shootout

posted on Tuesday, 15th August 2017 by Steve May



It was good news for OLED at the annual Crampton & Moore HDTVTest TV shootout. The event, which pitches high-performance screens against each other, offers enthusiasts the chance to mark each screen in a variety of categories, from HDR performance to motion clarity. The combatants, all 65-inchers, this year comprised a Sony KD65A1 OLED, LG OLED65B7, Panasonic TX-65EZ1002, Samsung QE65Q9FAM QLED and Sony KD-65ZD9 LED LCD. Inside CI was in attendance.

The Panasonic's EZ1002 was the overall winner, voted the Best TV of 2017 by the audience,  after accumulating the highest score (32.99 points) across all eight categories. LG's B7 OLED chased it home with 32.28 points.

In addition to the main gong, awards were dished out for specific categories. The Panasonic won Best home theatre TV, with 13.67 points, followed by a Sony A1 with 12.63 points.

The Sony A1 won Best Living Room TV, with 15.89 points. Runner up was the Panasonic EZ1002 with 15.45 points.


Post Event

LG won Best Gaming TV with the B7, with 4.46 points, helped by a low input lag of 21ms.  The Panasonic EZ1002 was runner-up with 4.11 points. The LG B7 also won Best HDR TV, with 4.19 points. A lower ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter), therefore brighter picture, was seen to be the clincher. Panasonic EZ1002 second with 4.11 points

Other category winners
Best Contrast Performance: Panasonic EZ1002 tops with 4.62 points; Sony A1 second with 4.43 points
Best Colour accuracy: Panasonic EZ1002 tops with 4.70; LG B7 second with 4.37 points
Best Motion: Sony A1 tops with 4.35; Panasonic EZ1002 with 4.19 points
Best Uniformity: Panasonic EZ1002 tops with 4.49; Sony A1 second with 4.10 points
Best Video processing: Sony A1 tops with 4.51; Sony ZD9 second with 3.98 points
Best Gaming: LG B7 tops with 4.46; Panasonic EZ1002 second with 4.11 points
Best Bright Room: Samsung Q9 tops with 4.37; Sony ZD9 second with 3.77 pointsIt’s worth noting that none of the screens were judged on their out-of-the-box performance. All of the TVs were calibrated by HDTVTest editor and calibrator Vincent Teoh, with assistance from Tyler Pruitt from Portrait Displays, the developer of calibration software CalMAN.

A Sony reference Sony BVM-X300 monitor was used for comparison. Virtually all viewing was done in a totally blacked out theatre. Other TV attributes, such as design, connected platform and usability, sound quality and price were not a consideration.

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology journalist, who also writes for T3, TechRadar, Home Cinema Choice and ERT (amongst others).

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