Sky Q firmware update adds split screen option for Sky Sports viewers

posted on Wednesday, 5th October 2016 by Steve May

4K  Broadcast  Sky Q 


A Sky Q firmware update has added some innovative new features to the 4K-capable set top box. Sky Sports Q customers can now watch two live streams side-by-side, for example the latest goal alongside a live Premier League match, or the best overtaking manoeuvre next to a Formula 1 race. 

The viewing options include Sports Split Screen with Live Streams: You can watch two live streams side-by-side. So viewers can see two football matches or tennis games side-by-side when on at the same time. This also works as Race Choice which allows two different camera angles with Formula 1.

There’s also Sports Split Screen with Video Clips: viewers can catch up on highlight video clips from the Premier League or Formula 1 without taking an eye off the live event. 

Split _screen _highlights _video _clips _premier _league Crop

To use the features, users need to press the red button and open the Sky Sports app on Sky Q and choose to customise their streams with Match Choice or Race Choice, or select Highlights and watch video clips alongside the main event. 

And there are more refinements to come, when catch-up service Sports Start Over arrive next year, alongside Voice Search and further personalisation of Top Picks.

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Luke Bradley-Jones, Brand Director of TV and Content Products, commented: “We know our customers absolutely love watching live sports and the new Sky Q features will give them the flexibility to choose how they watch. Whether it’s a Premier League match or Formula 1 race, customers can simply choose split screen viewing and watch the most talked about goal again and again, or two live races side by side.”

Other features introduced as part of the firmware update include Box Sets to Buy & Keep through Sky Store, plus the addition of live channels to Top Picks

The update follows recent new features like Auto Download Next Episode, Auto Play and Series Record. 

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