ATC P2 high-end wide-band power amplifier: Specification, price and availability

posted on Friday, 14th October 2016 by Steve May

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ATC has introduced the P2 power amplifier. Rated at 300W, the class A/B amp is a cosmetic match for the brand’s range of hi-fi preamplifiers, and tips the scales at 30kg. Developed in tandem with the P2-Pro studio amplifier, it’s a dual mono design, with discreet power supplies and signal paths. 

The amp boasts new low-vibration chassis design, with a machined 12.7mm brushed aluminium front panel. Beneath the lid there’s a custom-made 400 VA low-noise transformer for each channel and an output stage involving 3 pairs of MOSFET devices per channel to achieve a peak current output of over 15 amps.

Front On (2)

Rear (4)

The ATC P2 offers balanced XLR and unbalanced Link phono inputs, proprietary 4mm speaker terminals, and IR remote control. The P2 can be partnered with the  150w P1 in bi-amp or tri-amp systems connected via the amp’s ‘Link’ phono inputs/outputs.

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Input sensitivity is said to be 2V rms(ref. 150W out), with input impedance 10kOhms/leg and a frequency response of <2Hz - >400kHz (-3dB). ATC says the design results in a total harmonic distortion of just : >0.002%/-95dB. You’ll need a big rack though. The P2 measures 141 x 448 x 337mm (HxWxD).

The ATC P2 retails for £3215. It begins shipping in November.

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