ATC launches high performance on-wall Home Theatre Series loudspeakers

posted on Thursday, 1st June 2017 by David Slater

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ATC has re-worked its passive SCM7, 11 and 40 loudspeakers into a range of high performance on-wall speakers for the CI market. Available in three sizes, and in vertical and horizontal configurations, the Home Theatre Series (HTS) systems can be utilised to generate ATC’s renowned low-distortion, wideband audio dynamics in virtually any space, from cabinets measuring less than 14cm deep.

The six new HTS models integrate class-leading drive unit and crossover technologies with a sealed-cabinet design for mounting on or into walls, for both movie and music systems. On-wall installation is achieved via key-hole plates on the rear, which mate with supplied wall fixings. Each product ships with a card template to assist the marking of fixing positions. 

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The Series comprises the vertically-configured HTS7, HTS11 and HTS40 speakers, and companion HTS7C, HTS11C and HTS40C horizontally-configured versions. All benefit from the proprietary ATC drive unit technology first seen on their hi-fi stablemates, including SH25-76 dual-suspension tweeters (all models), CLD (Constrained Layer Damping) bass-mid drivers (HTS11), and ATC’s 75mm Soft Dome mid-range and 164mm short coil/long gap bass drivers (HTS40).

While ATC’s crossover designs have been revised to deliver a wide and accurate response from on-wall locations, wall proximity provides enhanced bass output and efficiency: the HTS11 has a -6dB point close to that of the SCM40 and the HTS40 approaching that of ATC’s larger SCM100 system.

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The HTS7 / HTS7C is a 2-way passive design suitable for small-to-medium sized rooms, and can be used in L/C/R combination. The HTS11 / HTS11C is a step-up suitable for use as main loudspeakers in medium sized rooms. They can also be used as a surround speaker in larger rooms. The HTS40 / HTS40C is a large 3-way design, and features ATC’s 75mm soft dome for improved mid-range clarity. They can be deployed as the main loudspeakers in larger rooms, or as large surrounds.

The shared acoustic design is good news for installers, as it enables a wide range of multi-channel system permutations to suit room size, shape and budgets. For instance, integrators can use HTS7s or HTS7Cs to great effect as surround channel speakers supporting 11s in the front, or HTS11s to complement a front-firing HTS40 array. Both versions of each HTS model offer equal performance and are interchangeable.

“In the HTS we’ve engineered a very discreet, easy-to-install speaker line, which delivers excellent custom design flexibility to residential custom installers, combined with the qualities of neutral fidelity and high dynamic range that our existing hi-fi/audiophile customers will instantly recognise,” says ATC Marketing Manager Ben Lilly.

ATC Loudspeaker Technology’s systems are employed by audio engineers, designers, composers and professional sound studios around the world, including Dolby, Fox, BBC, Abbey Road, and Skywalker Sound. 

The range per speaker retails for: HTS7/7C £475; HTS11/11C £685; HTS40/HTS40C £1950. The line-up is available in white or black satin. They’re available from July.

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