Wyrestorm H2X features and benefits: Are these the best matrix switchers yet?

posted on Thursday, 18th August 2016 by Steve May

Wyrestorm  4K  HDR  Matrix Switcher  CEDIA EXPO 


Wyrestorm has released more information about its MX-1616-HDBT-H2X and MX-1010-HDBT-H2X line of matrix switchers, prior to their debut at the CEDIA 2016 expo. The new flagship Class A HDBaseT 4K HDR switchers are the first to feature integrated audio matrix functionality.  

So what exactly can we expect from the new models? Available in 16x16 and 10x10 variations, the pair boast an equal number of HDMI inputs to HDBaseT outputs and mirrored HDMI outputs (16x16+16 and 10x10+10). Support for HDMI 2.0 is standard, with a 5Play feature set that includes 2160/60Hz with HDR and 10bit BT.2020 colour support, with 4:4:4  subsampling. The HDBaseT outputs distribute 2160p/60 at 4:2:0 8-bit  or 4:2:0  10-bit HDR 2160p/24. There’s also two-way IR control, with RS-232, Ethernet and PoH to remotely power receivers at display zones.

But for once it’s audio which dominates the feature set. Up to three separate audio sources can be routed to each of the 16x audio zone outputs (or 10x on MX-1010-HDBT) as pre-out or adjustable line-level. A further 16 audio-only sources (10x on MX-1010-HDBT-H2X) can be distributed to zones for streaming via Sonos, Apple Airplay and DLNA media devices.

MX-1616-HDBT-H2X_03 Front

4K UHD source devices can be connected and distributed up to 16 zones (10 zones for MX-1010-HDBT-H2X) over HDBaseT to 70m or 1080p to 100m. Audio from video sources can be internally de-embedded, fed into the audio matrix and transmitted with video signals via HDBaseT for audio reinforcement within video zones; ARC audio can also be fed back to the matrix for distribution.  

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Both models support CEC. There’s also an AVR Priority Mode, which allows the matrix to prioritise certain zones to have multichannel surround sound where an AVR is in use.

WyreStorm product manager Dave Schorah says “The H2X is something completely new.  A product that really breaks new ground and opens up incredible integration opportunities.”

For more news stories about Wyrestorm’s product portfolio, visit our partner page here.

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