Booming 4k Blu-ray wins 13 per cent value share of the UK Blu-ray disc market in 2018

posted on Thursday, 3rd January 2019 by Steve May

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UHD Blu-ray now accounts for 13 per cent of the total Blu-ray disc spend, according to an end of year report from the British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE).

Select movies achieved an even higher value share. Blade Runner 2049 saw with 27 per cent of its Blu-ray value generated by 4K sales, while Ready Player One saw 20.2 per cent of its Blu-ray value come from 4k sales. Avengers Infinity War was the best selling UHD Blu-ray disc in the UK, with sales of 43,000 units. Star Wars The Last Jedi came second, selling 41,000 units. Blade Runner 2049 sold 39,000 UHD discs, putting it in third place.

There are now more than 330 UHD titles currently available.

The average selling price of Blu-ray discs increased year-on-year by 5.3 per cent. Blu-ray accounts for 24.3 per cent of physical disc market  in terms of value.

The trade organisation notes that the home entertainment market grew by 10 per cent in 2018, bringing the total value of the category to £2.34bn.

While some 63 per cent of consumers now choose to rent or stream film and TV content, ownership remains a significant contributor to the home entertainment market’s success. The lion’s share of home entertain spending still goes on physical formats, at 59 per cent value share, with DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs a key driver across the market as a whole. DVD alone was responsible for 53.7 per cent of the transitional retail market in 2018, in terms of volume, while Blu-ray was responsible for 17.3 per cent, its biggest slice of the market pie in five years.

That said, the burgeoning digital market is now valued at £400m, and EST (Electronic Sell-Thru) film sales delivering a staggering 36 per cent growth year-on-year, eating away at DVD's dominance. The Greatest Showman has become the largest digital release to date, selling in excess of 770,000 digital copies since its release in April.

Other major titles helping to drive the growth of digital through 2018 include Avengers: Infinity War, selling near 400,000 copies, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, both selling in excess of 270,000 digital copies each.

The Greatest Showman was the biggest title of 2018, having sold in excess of 2.68 million copies, more than doubling the sales of the nearest contender on the combined chart and with 72 per cent of those sales coming from physical formats.

The biggest selling TV product was Game of Thrones, with The Complete Seventh Season boxset selling more than 160,000 copies (all formats), with overall franchise sales totalling more than a quarter of a million sales.

Steve May

Inside CI Editor Steve May is a freelance technology journalist, who also writes for T3, TechRadar, Home Cinema Choice and ERT (amongst others).

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