Monitor Audio outs extensive range of CP in-wall speakers

posted on Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 by Steve May

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Monitor Audio is now shipping its latest Controlled Performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The new line-up, which comprises ten models reflecting four performance grades, all sport airtight back boxes which protect against dust and dirt and promise superior levels of sound isolation between rooms and floors.

The range features trimless bezels and paintable magnetic grilles, allowing a virtually seamless finish within walls and ceilings. Installation is said to be quick and efficient, thanks to a patented tri-grip mounting system. The CP range offers driver technology derived from the brand's music and home cinema systems, and includes eight two-way models and two flagship three-way designs. All employ Monitor Audio's 25mm Gold C-CAM dome tweeter.

Designed for smaller environments, the multi-purpose 100 Series comprises the CPWT150 (£140) and CP-CT150 (£180) in-wall and in-ceiling models, with 5-inch MMPII bass driver, high frequency level adjustment and a pivoting C-CAM tweeter. Deploying all C-CAM drivers, the next level CP-WT260 (£200) and CT260 (£250) provide a wider soundstage for home cinema and music applications. Here the pivoting C-CAM tweeter is joined by a 6-inch CCAM bass driver.

The in-wall CP-WT140LCR (£225) and WT240LCR (£300) models are designed as multi-purpose L/C/R speakers, either for installation as a dedicated centre-channel home theatre speaker, or in portrait or landscape orientations. The 140 utilises twin 4-inch MMPII Drivers plus a C-CAM tweeter, with the 240 featuring 4-inch C-CAM drivers. Their compact design should work well in retro-fit installations. Both models feature high frequency level adjustment, with the 240 adding boundary compensation.

The 300 Series (pictured above) CP-WT380 (£300) and CT380 (£360) models offer pivoting C-CAM tweeter and an 8-inch C-CAM bass driver featuring the Rigid Surface Technology (RST) cone surfaces, aping the brand's higher-end hi-fi systems.

Topping the line with pivoting Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC) midrange/tweeter module and 8-inch RST C-CAM bass driver, are the CP-WT380-IDC (£360) and CT380-IDC (£420) models. The IDC module houses a 4-inch C-CAM inverted midrange driver surrounding a 25mm C-CAM gold dome tweeter. The entire mid/tweeter unit can be pivoted and directed owards the listening space for optimised imaging. The in-wall WT380-IDC model also includes a die-cast aluminium front baffle for added rigidity.

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