ISE debut for Wyrestorm 4K HDBaseT matrix, plus scaler and audio downmixer

posted on Thursday, 15th January 2015 by Steve May

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WyreStorm will introduce its flagship 4K Ultra HD matrix into Europe at ISE 2015, along with a local scaler able to manage disparate 4K and Full HD screens. First seen at CEDIA Expo last year, the Pro Plus HDBaseT MX-0808-PP-POH-4K is based on the Class A HDBaseT VS100 chip, and boasts a 5-Play feature set including 4K/30Hz transmissions up to 70m (both 3840 UHD and 4096 DCI resolutions) and 100m transmissions of 1080p/48bit/60Hz with HD audio, discrete internal IR routing and RS232, with internal LAN switching.

“Integration is an essential consideration at WyreStorm and as 4K as a consumer technology is still evolving, we wanted to ensure any 4K product we release is tested compatible with all known 4K sources, screens and commercial control systems as well as PC graphics cards and consumer devices that may form part of any WyreStorm 4K project,” says product development manager Dave Schorah.

“The fact is even with 1080p content, 4K screens offer a noticeable improvement in picture quality, and we are already seeing the price of lower end sets approaching that of large screen HD displays,” he adds. “We know from installers that client demand for 4K screens is increasing and that will only continue now that 4K is starting to find its way into our living rooms with the likes of Netflix broadcasting in native 4K, Comcast and online film service M-GO partnering Samsung to deliver 4K content and PS4 and Xbox ONE releasing 4K titles later this year – the future is now.”

The 4K matrix offers a transmission card-based design consisting of HDMI In, HDBaseT Out and switched HDMI out capable of feeding up to 16 screens from a single unit in an 8x8+8 configuration. Wyrestorm says it will also offer HDCP 2.2 modules, “as and when connectivity becomes standardised.” As with WyreStorm’s current MX-PP-PoH matrices, the 4K newcomer will feature Power-over-HDBaseT to power 18mm slim-line PoH display receivers.

Also new at the show will be the EXP-SCL-DAC-4K (pictured above), a local scaler designed to partner the new 4K matrix. Currently, a matrix EDID handshake attempting to output 4K content will ask all connected devices the if they can support 2160p, if not the matrix will automatically drop the output to whatever is most compatible on all devices, most probably 1080.

The EXP-SCL-DAC-4K scaler sits between the receiver and display and automatically scales up 1080p content to UHD 4K at 30Hz on any 4K screens and scales back 4K transmissions to 1080p 24fps if that's all the display is capable of. Similarly, multichannel audio up to 5.1 can be distributed to zones that support it and automatically scaled down to compatible stereo PCM audio when required.

For more on Wyrestorm’s extensive signal distribution range, visit our partner page here. Wyrestorm is distributed by Invision UK. For more on Invision's product portfolio and services, visit our partner page here.

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