Ice Cable refreshes pre-and field terminated HDMI lines, invests in REELEX coiling machine

posted on Wednesday, 24th December 2014 by Steve May

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LA-based HDMI cable maker ICE Cable Systems is now shipping both pre-terminated and field-terminable HDMI solutions. Its pre-terminated ICE Cable’s Clear Series 2 line features a compact head design with a GRIP lock connector that provides up to 15 lbs of pull-force. The brand says an active chipset and proprietary premium cable design support transmission of 1080P/60 HZ up to 30 meters without extenders. It’s available in lengths from .5 meter to 30 meters (and in black or white).

With in-wall installation in mind, ICE Cable is also now delivering field-terminable HDMI wire, connectors and accessories. The cables feature a patent-pending internal locking head, along with unique internal ribbon cable and round jacket designs are designed for fast connection and easy pulling. The cables are capable of sending HDMI signals up to 24 meters, with an extender. ICE Cable can also supply a crimp tool and a tester.

In related news, the manufacturer has announced that it has invested in a new REELEX coiling machine for its factory. Dispelling the notion that all HDMI cables are the same, the device uses a proprietary technique to wind wire and cable into a figure-eight coil. The technology is a key element in ICE Cable Systems Big Mouth Payout bulk wire carton “In optimising each coil, factors such as gain, payout hole control and the density of the wind, along with progressive coil tension, are all instrumental to producing tangle-free packages,” explains the brand. This unique coil can only be produced on a REELEX machine with accompanying customised software. The system is said to avoid the typical twists, tangles and snags that can affect bulk wire cartons.

“We’ve taken something good and made it even better,” says ICE Cable Systems President Brian Rizzo (pictured above).  “We’ve invested in a machine that represents the state-of-the-art in wire and cable technology and custom-configured it for our cables.The net result for our dealers will be perfect pulls, from the first foot to the last.” 

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Ice Cable systems are distributed by Invision UK. For more on Invision UK’s products and services, visit our partner page here.

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