Epson projectors bring Fighter Command back to life at Bentley Priory Museum

posted on Sunday, 31st January 2016 by David Slater

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Visitors to the Bentley Priory Museum, located in Grade 2 listed country house, will not only experience an extraordinary story of courage and technology during World War 2, they’ll also experience an inventive AV show built on the back of Epson’s pro projector range.

The museum, located in Stanmore, was once the Headquarters of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. It was formally opened by The Prince of Wales, The Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust and The Duchess of Cornwall in 2013.

In-house designers at The Bentley Priory Museum were looking to create a unique audio visual experience to offer visitors an insight into the building’s heritage and its wartime operations. It was then that they requested the support of Atlas AV to help them bring the Museum into the 21st century.Together with Atlas AV, the Museum discussed a number of interactive touch screen solutions from Panasonic and Christie, before opting for Epson high brightness and short throw projectors.

The building restoration consists of bespoke interactive touch screen kiosks built into the grand interior and retro learning resources, including rotator dial telephones, handsets and monitors. The visitor attraction begins in the Filter Room, a replica of the wartime operations room, features films projected from an Epson EB-G6050W on walls and ceilings, effectively immersing visitors in history.

On into the Dowding Room, a quartet of  Epson EB-G6650WU projectors, plus a EB-G6450WU projector with short-throw lenses were installed by Atlas AV in order to highlight the trials, tribulations and triumphs of 1st Baron Dowding and his reign as the commander of RAF Fighter Command. The pre-show title brief, maps and subtitles are all projected onto a semi-transparent gauze that then opens out to a multi-projection film filling the room. The full, high resolution image wraps itself around the inner walls and ceiling in Dowding’s original office to produce a feeling that visitors are experiencing the battle first-hand.

The nostalgic presence of Dowding is enhanced by technology that allows original features of the office to come alive, with control of the house lights and an automatic door. Shadows and reflections are created using Epson EB-G Series projectors, and together with realistic footstep effects they ingenious animate the vital work of the secret Dowding System during the Battle of Britain.

Charlie Goodliffe from Atlas AV explained that “The main benefits for this project were the ELPLU01 short-throw lens and the front-venting design of the EB-G series, which in one case allowed a single EB-G6650WU to replace a 3-projector portrait edge-blended setup which saved a great deal of expense and complexity for both ourselves and the end customer”.

Epson’s range of EB-G6000 Series projectors feature very high brightness levels, from 4,500lm to 7,000lm, and offer a range of screen resolutions to suit every need. With Epson’s 3LCD technology, vivid colours are faithfully reproduced, while content can be shown in a variety of ambient light levels due to equally high White and Colour Light Outputs.

In addition, the projectors can be rotated vertically by 360 degrees, allowing the Museum to move the display around the room giving the internal designers the flexibility to change the exhibition as often as they’d like.

For more on the Bentley Prior Musem, visit the official site here. For more stories on Epson’s projector range, visit our partner page here.

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