Epson ships 80 millionth HTPS 3LCD panel

posted on Tuesday, 3rd July 2012 by Steve May

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Break out the bunting! Epson, the world's biggest projector brand, says it has now shipped a total of 80 million high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panels for 3LCD projectors, which it reckons is enough for more than 26.5 million projector units.

The brand has been the leading supplier of HTPS panels for the past twenty years, fuelling a multi-brand fight against rival projection technology DLP. This year the company is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Epson's 3LCD projectors have long been a favourite of the corporate AV and education fields, but they've also made big inroads into the home theatre and custom installation market. The company currently offers a range of home cinema models, starting with the Full HD 3D EH-TW5900, priced just under £1,000, up to its flagship £2,600 EH-TW9000 offering.

More recently, Epson has pushed into niche applications, providing support for commercial ventures, such as art and lecturing, which require large-scale display technology. The company believes this fast-moving sector alone could help stimulate demand by 10 per cent annually.  Nobuyuki Shimotome, deputy chief operating officer of its visual products operations division, says the company is committed to further cementing its position as the market leader by "enhancing and expanding its lineup with products that leverage unique technologies." 

Epson currently runs the world's biggest LCD projector factory, located in Shenzen, China, and says it now makes 25 per cent of all projectors sold.

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