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posted on Sunday, 10th September 2017 by Geny Caloisi

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Paris-based integrators Henri just finished a four year project kitting out a Grand Prix Villa, with the latest on AV and home automation technology. Henri selected a Crestron DigitalMedia solution to centralise the management and distribution of multiple AV sources for its super-cars lover client. 

The owner had high expectations and wanted to push integration to its maximum, incorporating the very best technologies in every area of this huge wow-factor home. Spanning over 3000sqm ad set out across five levels, the house has a living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor, bedrooms on the first, and offices with a meeting space on the second floor. The villa also includes a ‘real living’ area within the basement with a swimming pool, sauna, hammam spa, gym, a dressing room, wine cellar, private cinema and a garage. The villa also houses its own car museum, a keen area of interest for the homeowner.

Every electronic system was to be part of the automation and needed to be discreetly integrated into the fabric of the interior, while the technological architecture had to be cutting edge, scalable and easy to use. Crestron custom controls including stylish touch screens, remote controls and wall-mounted tablets provide a user-friendly platform to adjust settings from anywhere in the villa. 

This spectacular villa boasts highly advanced technology integration of a scale rarely seen in residential properties.  Henri became involved in this four year project at the very start, ensuring that every area of the house could be seamlessly automated without compromising the conceptual design of the building’s interior. 

Crestron Grand Prix Villa - Copyright - Henri Inte ́grateur De Technologies (42)Henri selected a Crestron DigitalMedia solution to provide the high performance distribution of HD AV sources to multiple rooms. The powerful integrated DM-MD32X32 switcher delivers ultra-reliable and ultra-high bandwidth signal routing for numerous AV outputs via one simple, centralised device. The DM system allows the distribution of 23 sources including TV decoders, Apple TV, Blu-Ray players, HDMI connectors on eight TV’s and two mirror TV’s. It is also capable of displaying multiple sources on a single screen simultaneously via a Crestron DVPHD processor, and provides UHD 4K@60Hz video scaling through a Crestron HDCP2.2 HDMI input card. 

DigitalMedia provides a flexible and scalable solution, as per the client brief, with the possibility to integrate future technologies. Henri also included additional cabling within its engineering design to anticipate further integration.

The complete technological system within the property is managed via a sleek and user-friendly network of Crestron controls, including 13 customised wall-mounted TSW-1060 touch screens, five programmable remote controls with integrated touch screen, one waterproof remote control for the swimming pool and eight tablets on bespoke wall-mounted supports. Each user interface has been carefully designed to be simple and intuitive to offer even more luxury to the occupants.  

“This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful projects realised by Henri. A technical achievement of exception, offering a real comfort to the inhabitants,” comments Michael Sherman, Managing Director of Henri. 

Thanks to the intelligent Crestron controls, it is possible to orchestrate every integrated element of the villa from any room. As well as the expected features, such as turning on the TV and listening to music on demand, the system delivers some surprising additional experiences.  Predefined lighting scenes can be recalled to create any desired atmosphere, motorised curtains, shutters and windows can be opened and closed, the temperature of a room can be adjusted. And there’s more.

This impressive system boasts a variety of functions.  The homeowner can answer the intercom and see who is at the door, they can call the elevator, call and start a conversation with any other touch screen, tablet or phone within the villa. They can also prepare or end a session in the sauna or hammam spa, get an alert from the letterbox when the post arrives, consult the building management system for updates on the weather, activate “counter-current”, “waterfall” and “overflow” settings in the swimming pool and receive an instant notification if a fire is detected.  Another stand-out area of control is in the garage where the car turntable can be controlled, most often from the client’s smartphone via the Crestron Pyng app.

Crestron Grand Prix Villa - Copyright - Henri Inte ́grateur De Technologies (1)

Another striking feature is the swimming pool which is visible from the living space on two sides. Users are able to control the pool while swimming or from the living room, for example to activate the ‘bubbles’ system which creates a beautiful and fun visual feature.

Michael explains: “Being able to fully control those systems wasn’t easy. Each water element is installed by a different specialist, with a different protocol, etc. In the end, it is completely transparent for the client and that is the essence of what we do. The installation is very technical because of all the integrated systems, but easy to use for the client. Controlling the swimming pool, sauna and hammam was as much of a challenge as it was for the elevator, car turntable and weather station.”

The owner of The Grand Prix Villa comments; “We have been delighted to realise our project with the guidance and support of Henri, both on the professional and personal aspects, and this deserves to be underlined because it is so rare. The technical solution they have deployed is highly integrated and we are very grateful to Henri for accepting this challenge. It is a truly remarkable project and brings us total delight every day.”

This extensive automation project links every aspect of the property to its inhabitants for an intuitive smart home that delivers the ultimate connected lifestyle. Henri provided a complex, hidden Crestron control solution, supported with easy-to-use interfaces, that works impeccably within the conceptual design of the villa.

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